These crazy baby gender reveal cakes prove why we need to put an end to gender stereotypes

Meka Beresford February 23, 2018
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As we move into 2018 and a society more aware of the complexities around sexuality and gender, it’s a shock that gender reveal parties for expectant parents are still a thing.

This year is set to be a year of gender-flipped names, and high-profile celeb parents such as Paloma Faith are making waves by allowing their child to grow as a n a utral person.

(Photo by blondiescakesandsweets/Instagram)

But in some parts of the world, namely America, parents and families are still holding parties to reveal the sex of their unborn children.

A big part of those parties, as with any truly good party, is cake.

At gender reveal parties there is generally a reveal cake, something which Twitter exploded over earlier this week.

The Twitter storm came as one user, ChurchCarlton, decided to most more of the unique and bizarre cakes thought up by parents – who we will assume are straight and have little knowledge or care about the spectrum of gender.

“So unbelievably weird,” one person wrote in response.

One Twitter user said that they were “too shook for words” after seeing a female cake that said “Future Miss August”.

(Photo by fantasiesinfrosting/Instagram)

Twitter user ParkerMolloy went on a search for some of the weirder examples and they did not disappoint.

Some choice cake slogans included “moustache or bows we want to know”, “we’re here for the sex!”, “ruffles or rifles” and “statues or lashes which will it be? Soon you’ll see!”

“Wheels or heels” and “bikinis or board shorts” are equally weird and also top the list of favourites.

Gender reveal cake 'what the duck is it?'
(Photo by gingersnapbaking/Instagram)

Many parents commented on the tweets saying that the cakes make sense because children like a lot of different things.

One person wrote: “This one kills me largely because my 5 year old daughter has never worn a bow but had a year long phase where she was obsessed with mustaches and beards. She routinely watched beard care videos on YouTube.”

“Gender reveal cake, but when you cut into it, a bunch of black jellybeans just pour out. Everyone else will be like “WTF DOES THAT MEAN,” and you can just act like it’s totally what you hoped for,” another joked.

A third added that they were “trying to figure out an unproblematic way to have a gender reveal party”, not because they “care about the gender of my kid and more because the idea of communicating information by cake is honestly hilarious to me”.

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