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YouTuber who said veganism was a cure for homosexuality and cancer dies from cancer

Josh Jackman February 21, 2018
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PVO is not alone is sharing the opinion that veganism can allow people to avoid homosexuality (YouTube/Liz & Mari)

A YouTuber who said that her raw vegan diet and faith had cured her homosexuality and cancer has died from cancer.

Mari Lopez, whose YouTube channel with her niece Liz Johnson has attracted nearly a million views, told their audience that her juice creations could cure their cancer.

She told their more than 11,000 subscribers: “I was healed by God and faith and used to live a gay lifestyle.”

(YouTube/Liz & Mari)

In videos with names like “STAGE 4 CANCER HEALED BY JUICING & RAW VEGAN DIET,” the pair explained how eating unprocessed, uncooked food that doesn’t come from animals could eradicate cancer.

At one point, in a video whose thumbnail contains the words “Mari’s Lemon Ginger Blast [The Cancer Killer]”, Mari says: “I was dying… God blessed me with this machine.

“I actually recovered from cancer with this machine.”

(YouTube/Liz & Mari)

That video has been watched by more than 420,000 people.

Tens of thousands have also watched videos called “How I was healed from stage 4 Cancer” and “CANCER HEALED NATURALLY – FAQ with Mari”.

Liz appears to have changed the names of videos and removed some since her aunt’s death.

The original video names (YouTube/Liz & Mari)

Speaking to Babe from Houston, Texas, Liz placed the blame for Mari’s death on her mum, who Liz said convinced Mari to start radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and eat meat again.

“She was following a raw vegan style [diet],” Liz said.

“My family is not familiar with that style of living… What happened was, as Mari was living with my mum, my mum started to tell her that she needed to eat meat now.

(YouTube/Liz & Mari)

“She said it was OK to use things that she didn’t want to use.

“My aunt was very against the microwave because of cancer-causing issues with that, and my mum would cook her things using the microwave.”

She added: “I feel like that’s what caused the issues. That’s where the inconsistencies were.

(YouTube/Liz & Mari)

“She was telling people in her videos that people needed to eat this way, but at the same time she was having her own struggle.”

She said she still believed in the diet which she and her aunt promoted, adding that she kept the faith in their diet even when the cancer returned and Mari told her to take the videos down.

Liz went against her aunt’s wishes, calling the incident a “test of faith.

“She was upset because her cancer had come back. I can understand how maybe she didn’t want to give people false hope.

“I had to pray a lot about it, because I could feel her pain. But in my own relationship with God, I knew it could still help people, it could still make a difference in people’s lives, it could still give hope.”

(YouTube/Liz & Mari)

Liz added that the results of Mari’s treatment would have been different if she had stuck to their raw vegan path.

“I think they would have, honestly,” she said. “I really, truly think that they would have.

“That’s what really contributed to her change in the first place. Going backwards is not going to help anything.”

She continued: “I still agree with the message, completely.

“I would agree with it and I still go behind that message. You have your spiritual side and your physical side that work together to improve you as a whole. That’s the message.”

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