New app adds six packs and muscles onto men, internet gets furious

Jasmine Andersson February 19, 2018
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It’s been said that thanks to face-altering apps, fewer people are opting to get plastic surgery to change how they look.

But apps like the Manly App, which allows you to edit photos of yourself to appear – you guessed it, “more manly” – has come under fire for changing user’s appearances in an attempt to make them appear more “attractive”.

Encouraging users to “meet the manly version of yourself,” the programme gives men the option to edit their appearance to make themselves look more masculine.

The smartphone application, which costs £4.99 to download, invites its users to alter their appearance with tattoos, muscle tone, facial hair or contact lenses.

Users can also add some ink of their choice to see how they will look clearer skin.

On the app’s Twitter page, a variety of edited photos have been posted to draw punters in to use the app – eerily including one of a child.

Naturally, people have been a bit freaked out by the app’s results – and are wondering how the face tuner will affect how people see themselves.

One woman on Twitter noted that the app isn’t just being used to edit the appearances of men – in fact the app advertises its services on the back of chopping and changing the appearance of women.

And while other members of the Twitterarti have vented their frustrations, others… well, you can see for yourself.

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