There has never been a greater love story than Thomas the bisexual goose.

He was so devoted to his partner Henry that the 40-year-old bird has been buried beside his partner of 30 years.

For those not in the know, Thomas, a blind goose living on New Zealand’s North Island in the Wellington Bird Rehabilitation Trust.

“It is with a heavy heart, we announce the passing of our beloved blind goose Thomas,” wrote the Trust on Facebook.

“Thomas, in his almost 40 years of life, made an impact on many people and their lives. While we have cared for, loved and cherished him in recent years, Thomas originally befriended and made a name for himself with the lovely residents of the Waimanu Lagoon in Waikanae who watched over him for more than 25 + years,” they wrote.

Not just any goose, Thomas has stolen the hearts of his fellow New Zealanders and beyond for one particular reason – he was bisexual.

Partnered with Henry the swan for 24 years, Thomas was left heartbroken when the bird left him for another fellow swan – Henrietta.

“Prior to Henrietta turning up they had about 18 happy gay years together,” birdwatcher Mik Peryer said to Stuff.

However, Thomas soon pulled it together and joined Henry and Henrietta to make a thruple to raise the couple’s 68 hatchlings as one.

The zoo boasted several heartwarming pictures of the triumvirate with their young, remarking that the threesome were inseparable.

It was when Henry the swan died in 2009 that Thomas was left heartbroken, while Henrietta flew away to find another partner

He was said to cry out for his partner in the enclosure.

The Trust will be hosting a public funeral for Thomas, who will be buried alongside his love under a commemorative burial stone.

Pass us the tissues, please.

Images: The Wellington Bird Rehabilitation Trust

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