‘Man of God’ demands to be served on by less ‘flamboyant’ waiter

Jasmine Andersson February 1, 2018
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A gay man has raised the roof on Reddit after he told the story of a couple who requested a less “flamboyant” waiter because the husband in the couple was a “man of God”.

User PhiPhiAokigahara said that he was astounded to find that after he took an order from a couple, they requested a new waiter because of the fact he was gay.

“I pleasantly collected their drink order and let them know they can take their time with the menus and to let me know when they’re ready,” he wrote in the post.

It was then another waiter approached him.

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“Phiphi do you have 32?” “Yeah, why?” “Well.. they want a new server.. uhh its because you’re gay” Cue my freak-out,” he said.

“Apparently the moment I left the table the husband stormed to the host stand and loudly demanded a non flamboyantly gay server because “he’s a man of God and can’t be around that,” he continued.

“I told my manager immediately in hopes that this guest would be removed. Did that happen? Nope. My manager initially gave them a stern talking to but I guess they were so polite in response my manager saw fit to not only give them full service but leave them in my section in plain sight of me despite my protests,” he said.

Fortunately, a host of regulars took the waiter’s side, joining in to “glare down the homophobes”.

“I was fortunate to have a regular in my section to watch the whole thing and her grandson gave me a hug with so much enthusiasm while she glared down the homophobes. I spent the next hour in the back mostly in shock. Safe to say it ruined my night.”

Luckily, the other bosses in the restaurant recognised that subjecting the waiter to that behaviour was “infuriating”.

“I woke up today to a phone call from my boss. My regular called my manager, my general manager AND the district manager to tell them how absolutely infuriated she was over it. I got to listen to the manager who allowed their stay to apologise over and over again.

“It felt great to hear him so panicked over it all,” he said.

As one user said: “The people that oppose gay marriage are either dumb or secretly worried that c*cks are delicious.”


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