This fetish photographer has taken pictures of sex workers injecting for chemsex

Jasmine Andersson January 22, 2018
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Matt Spike may be no stranger to the fetish photography scene, but even the request he received might throw the most seasoned of professionals.

In a bid to catalogue the one of the most talked about elements of the scene, Spike was asked by a wealthy professional to photograph escorts injecting meth associated with chemsex.

Spike took pictures of the sex workers injecting the substance while the professional who paid for the photographs watched tennis on the TV screen opposite.

“Basically, a professional has come from another country and has hired one or more escorts, dressing them up in this fantasy gear. And then he’s just happy to sit there and watch them inject themselves with crystal meth,” he said, Speaking to Gay Star News.

Spike, who is also documenting PnP experiences, decided to participate in the shoot to see how it would inform his work.

“So when I was there, I asked the guy if he wouldn’t mind me taking a photo of him injecting. Which, he said was fine so long as he didn’t have his face in it. So that’s the only real shot in my series,” he explained.

“Chemsex is about chasing the ultimate sexual high. And crystal meth does make you feel really horny, and people use it to enhance sex.

“I could also turn around and say, if you see my series as sexy – maybe you need to re-examine your own priorities because watching people engage in something that could be very harmful, is, after all, not such a sexy image.”

The Home Office has said it intends to crack down on chemsex due to the fact it risks the spread of viruses and bloodborne diseases.

“Chemsex carries serious physical and mental health risks including the spread of blood borne infections and viruses,” the Office wrote in a statement.

“PHE will support local areas to meet these needs by promoting and publishing guidance on effective practice, including targeted interventions
and close collaboration between sexual health services and other relevant services including community groups.

The government vowed to “pursue a strong law enforcement response and dismantle trafficking networks”, as well as expand the Alcohol and Drugs Education and Prevention Information Service.

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