Melissa Ede made this incredible emotional phone call to claim her £4 million lottery win

Josh Jackman January 17, 2018
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(YouTube/good morning britain)

This is the incredible moment transgender taxi driver Melissa Ede found out that she had won a life-changing £4 million on the National Lottery.

The online star has attracted thousands of followers on YouTube with her “body confidence” videos, in which she dances, almost naked, with ketchup, milk and mayonnaise bottles attached to her breasts.


But just before New Year’s Eve, the 57-year-old bought a £10 scratchcard that changed her life.

She said it “just caught my eye” at a petrol station on her way to work – before finding out that she no longer needed to go to work.

(YouTube/good morning britain)

Ede ran back into the shop, shouting: “You’ve just given me £4 million – 2018 is going to be the best year ever!”

Then, 45 minutes later, she made an overjoyed call to the National Lottery.


Ede started the conversation with the excellent opening line: “Hi there, I’ve just bought a £10 Scratchcard and won four million pounds!”

The National Lottery staff member laughs as she responds: “Amazing!”

Ede, who said her children will receive none of her winnings after they rejected her for transitioning, asks: “What do I do? I’m in absolute shock.

(YouTube/good morning britain)

“I’m shaking. It’s real, isn’t it?”

The agent confirms the incredible win, telling her: “Yes, I can see it. £4 million. Wow!”

(YouTube/the jeremy kyle show)

Ede replies: “What the hell! Wow!”

The staff member asks if she has five or 10 minutes to spend going through her personal details, leading Ede to joke that she can probably afford it now.


Laughing, she tells the agent: “Yeah, I’m fine. I don’t have to worry about the phone bill now, do I?”

She adds: “I’m still shaking,” before telling her: “It’s very exciting. It’s surreal!”


After she realised she had won the jackpot, Ede said she sat thinking: “What do I do? What do I do?”

She added: “You know, £1000 and I’d be over the moon, but £4 million – it’s like, what?”


Ede, from Hull, has appeared on Judge Rinder and went on Jeremy Kyle’s show in an effort to raise £15,000 for new teeth.

Speaking to the press after her win, she said she intended to use the money to buy a new Audi car and a house.

(YouTube/good morning britain)

The online star, one of 200,000 to apply for a mooted one-way space mission to Mars, was also looking forward to funding her “dream wedding” to her fiancée and writing a book about her tale.

Ede, a self-professed trans activist, also wanted to help others who, like her, have struggled with their gender.

“The transgender fight to where I am now has been a very difficult path,” she said.

PHILADELPHIA, PA - FEBRUARY 25: Protestors demonstrate during a rally against the transgender bathroom rights repeal at Thomas Paine Plaza February 25, 2017 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Rallies are also being held across the country in support of the Affordable Health Care Act. (Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)

“I received my operation almost seven years ago, and I am really proud of who I am today.

“I now want to help others in similar situations, and believe my autobiography will do just this.”

Listen to Melissa’s full phone call here:

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