This guy landed a date after his mum sent his ‘thirst trap’ pictures to a carpenter

Meka Beresford January 16, 2018
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A man has landed a date with a carpenter after his mum sent his thirst trap ‘smut’ pictures for him.

Sohail is an access and inclusion officer at a university in Minnesota and a yoga instructor in the evenings, but also a part-time thirst photographer.


The 30-year-old frequently takes photos of himself to share on social media, photos which his mother would describe as “smut”, so you can see why he was surprised when his mum saved the photos and forwarded them onto a carpenter.

Why? Because she had commissioned the carpenter to make a replica of a mirror that she had bought her son in order to gift one to her daughter.

He explained: “My mom & dad are commissioning a recreation of the unicorn mirror they bought me from an estate sale because my sister is jealous she didn’t get one as well.”

However, Sohail didn’t respond straight away to his mum’s request for images of the mirror, so she took it into her own hands to get images.

After scrolling through his Instagram account she found some select few photos which she sent on to the carpenter.


In a text to her son, she wrote: “Sohail my son. I was forced to use the only photos of the mirror I could find which were your gd smut photos because the carpenter we found needed references before he accepted our offer to recreate the mirror and guess what.”

However, the situation turned as his mother explained that the carpenter was also gay.

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Sohail responded: “MAMA, OUR TALENTS DO NOT DISCRIMINATE PROFESSIONS! Tell the woodworker I said howdy.”

The Minneapolis man tried to follow up to land the date with the mirror-maker, but apparently, his mum threatened to take him out of the will if he did so.

“My mom has threatened to take me out of the will before,” he said. “And she did it again if I were to go through with making him the vision board I told my sister I wanted to make him. But these mom threats don’t scare me, so we’ll see.”

Talking about his relationship with his parents, Sohail says it has always been cheeky.

“I’ve never taken their acceptance, warmth, love, and sass for granted. I am well aware of many members of our greater queer community struggle to navigate their personal expression of queerness. Especially on a platform that their parents may have access to.

“For those who follow me on social media, the dynamic between my parents — specifically my mom and I — is something I enjoy sharing, or what she calls, ‘exploiting’,” he said.

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Following up the tweet about landing the date, which went viral, Sohail added that his sister revealed that their mom was “a little crabby” about the fact that she is now known as “the mom of the boy with a photo of him w/ visible pee in a toilet on the Internet”.

However, she still loves him and “is taking credit for that robe because she let you to watch Grey Gardens when you were little.”

Although – his sister is less forgiving because she now has to “worry about your naked body being a cock block” after she went on a date and the man talked about seeing him on GSN.

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