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Japan’s leading dictionary has added in a definition of LGBT, but it’s not quite right

Jasmine Andersson January 16, 2018
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Japan’s leading dictionary may have added a definition of LGBT to the dictionary for the first time, but it appears that the term has been misunderstood.

The Kojien volume, which was published last week, made its first update in a decade.

But its definition of LGBT defines the term as “people who have different sexual orientations from the majority.”

Of course, in the case of transgender people, this definition doesn’t apply, as this refers to a gender identity rather than a sexual orientation.

Fortunately, the dictionary’s editorial board have agreed that they misdefined the term, and hope to update it shortly.

Stonewall Japan said it is about “about time” that the dictionary included the definition in its listings.

In 2014, Japan’s National Language Dictionary, Sanseido Kokugo Jiten, became the first volume to redefine love in a Japanese dictionary.

In the 6th edition of the dictionary, the feeling was defined as “unquenchable feelings of affection between a man and woman, of wanting to see them, and always wanting to be with them.”

But in the 7th edition, it was revised to read “to have unquenchable feelings of affection for a person, of wanting to see them, and always wanting to be with them.”

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