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Man epically shuts down his homophobic aunt after she told him to ‘pray that gay s**t away’

Meka Beresford January 2, 2018
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A pansexual man clapped back at his aunt after she told him to “pray that gay s**t away” and his response was perfect.

Writer Arkee E publicly wrote about his pansexuality for Afropunk in October.

In the article, he candidly spoke about how his father had presumed he was gay and subjected him to homophobic abuse.

Recounting a confrontation from his teenage years, he explained that his father called him a “f*ggot, a sissy, a bitch, and anything else that attacked my character.”

Since it was published, the article has made it around Arkee E’s family and this week his aunt read about his experience with his abusive father.

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However, instead of being horrified at the treatment her nephew received she just had one question for him: “are u gay?”

The writer, who explains clearly that he is pansexual, tried to explain once again to his aunt what that meant.

“So basically you like men,” she wrote back in a text.

Arkee confirmed that yes, he does like men but his romantic attractions are not limited to gender.

She retaliated: “Sweetie u kno [sic] i love u but thas [sic] un acceptable we dont [sic] have gay ppl in our fam !

“U need to pray that shit away it is not ok! God does not like that!!”

However, Arkee E. snapped back and quickly put his aunt in her place by calling her out for her adultery.

He wrote: “Hey, I appreciate your concern about my lifestyle albeit your inactiveness in my life. You never bought me a single thing in my life.… not a cookie, not a glass of milk to dunk it in, and not a napkin to wipe my milk mustache [sic] off.

“While you’re worrying about my sexuality and what God is and isn’t okay with, you are shacking up with a whole married man in your house, and you’re not even divorced from your first husband. Don’t try to point out the wood in my eye when you have a whole plank in yours.”

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His aunt continued to fail to act in an appropriate way and called him a faggot.

However, the writer decided to go in hard on his aunt calling her a “saggy old, uneducated former drug-addict”.

“You cannot judge anyone. You walked down a dangerous path, collected every sexually transmitted infection that you can, and one day decided to put on an ashy ass wig and become a woman of God.

“You’re absolutely nothing. You are a disgusting old homophobe that’ll drop her sh*t-stained panties for any guy that smiles at you, whether they’re missing teeth or not.

“And yes, I do like men. And also, the guys I go for run rings around the guys you bring home every Saturday night, right before you run to church every Sunday and act like you do no wrong.”

He went on to accuse her of being a hypocrite as she too had been with the same gender in the past.

“You can’t comment on anyone’s sexuality either, sweetie. At one point in time, you was licking and sucking on clits to pay for crack instead of taking care of your children, that’s why they got taken away twice — not once, but twice.

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“You’re an unfit mother, an unfit grandmother, an unfit aunty, an unfit sister, an unfit pet owner and an unfit human being altogether.

“Stop worrying about my lifestyle and worry about how you’re going to remove the crows feet from underneath your eyes and the potholes on your face from your meth ear, Pastor Dusty Wig. Bye, ugly,” he finished.

His aunt then threatened to tell his mother about the conflict but Arkee E’s mother supported her son the whole way.

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