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This lip balm advert has the best gay twist ending ever

Jess Glass December 26, 2017

(Photo: LazySubber/ Youtube)

A Thai lip balm commercial has attracted attention for its dramatic twist and surprising ending.

The advert opens with a boy angrily rushing into a classroom to confront another boy who made his sister cry.

The two teens are seen to fight and argue in the classroom, exchanging insults and jibes as the argument eventually becomes physical.

(Photo: LazySubber/ Youtube)

The advert comes to a dramatic twist once the boys are up against a set of cabinets.

One boy leans into the other and whispers: “I told [his sister], ‘I don’t think of you like that. I prefer your older brother.'”

(Photo: LazySubber/ Youtube)

As the music softens, the boy then tuts and teases the other boy for his chapped lips before applying lip balm to his former adversary.

Before leaving the classroom (and the other boy swooning) the boy says: “Don’t forget to use it regularly so you’ll know how my lips feel like.”

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The advert parodies the ‘BL’ or ‘boys love’ type of dramas, a popular sub-genre of Thai media that often involves gay relationships and homoeroticism.

(Photo: LazySubber/ Youtube)

Commenters have fallen for the advert, with one person saying: “This is simply too cute to be a simple tv ad!”

Other fans have asked for a sequel to the 30 second advert, with some even requesting a full length series or movie of the pair’s blossoming relationship.

(Photo: LazySubber/ Youtube)

The commercial originally aired in Thailand, a country that is often seen as more progressive in terms of LGBT rights and representation than some of its neighbours.

However, the deputy governor of Bangkok claimed this summer that rising HIV rates were a result of more “gay TV”.

Yorkie and Kelly in Black Mirror (Netflix)
Gay TV, anyone? (Netflix)

Thaweesak Lertprapan claimed in August that LGBT+ TV shows had made it more “fashionable” to be gay.

The politician said that the “fashion trend” meant that HIV infections were on the “rise”.

He said: “The risk to HIV is increasing among gay men more than other groups because of men imitating behaviour from TV soap operas and social media.”

Watch the full advert with subtitles below:

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