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This comic book artist has gone viral by creating the perfect response to homophobes

Josh Jackman December 18, 2017
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(Facebook/jermaine dickerson and Twitter/jermainedesigns)

Homophobia comes in all shapes and sizes.

It can be violent, abusive and terrifying, but even a steady drip, drip, drip can do enormous damage on its targets.

In any situation, it’s the worst – but sometimes, there’s an excellent comeback.

(Facebook/jermaine dickerson)

Sometimes, there’s a particularly excellent way of fighting back.

Jermaine Dickerson, an illustrator and graphic designer from Detroit, Michigan, found one such way – and it was wonderfully simple.

It all began when Jermaine, an outspoken social activist, tweeted a call for more black, female superheroes.


He added: “Let’s also not forget to spotlight the experiences and stories of LGBTQ black folk.

“We’ll get some of that in #BlackLightning and maybe #BlackPanther, but only with supporting characters.

“I want a queer af black superhero. The world is ready, wouldn’t you agree?”

Of course we would, but not everyone would do.


One hater responded by simply quote-tweeting this wish for 2018 with a single word.


“This is hilarious,” Jermaine responded.


“Cishet folks really go out of their way to show their disapproval of black queer representation.”

But the homophobes weren’t done there.

“Literally nobody wants a gay superhero bro,” one told him.

(Facebook/jermaine dickerson)

“Comics are fine as it is”.

And Jermaine had the perfect comeback.

“RT if you want to see more gay superheroes on film,” he said, simply.


And the reaction was huge.

A lot of people agreed with him, as it turns out.

More than 100,000, in fact.

(Facebook/jermaine dickerson)

The homophobe was silenced.

“You there? Mic check one two, one two,” Jermaine tweeted at him afterwards, highlighting the way he’d defeated him.


And he added to his followers that everyone in the community deserves representation.

“I also want to express that I would love to see ALL members of the LGBTQ community represented as the superheroes we are ❤️,” he wrote.

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