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Doughnut shop blasted for partnering with ‘homophobic’ Salvation Army

Josh Milton December 14, 2017

A doughnut shop has received a backlash after announcing a fundraising appeal with the “homophobic” Salvation Army.

Holy Donut posted a holiday promotion on its Facebook page which was intended to raise money in order to provide gifts to children in need.

However, some users did not take kindly to the fact that this was in partnership with The Salvation Army.

Comments focused on how the charity has a “history of turning away LGBT people and supporting anti-LGBT laws” and engages in “active homophobia.”

This comes as the charity announced it is addressing its negative image in the LGBT+ community – though many remain unconvinced.


On a Facebook post, which has since been removed, Holy Donut announced plans to lead a fundraiser to support local children by way of The Salvation Army.

Five children were named in the post with the intention of asking customers to contribute to the family’s needs.

The shop would reward customers with free doughnuts and t-shirts.

(Vimeo/maine project)

Hundreds of comments soon followed, with many users voicing their displeasure at the partnership.

“People are going to boycott The Holy Donut because of YOUR choices. Do you see what we’re getting at?” one Facebook user said.

“You’re supporting an establishment that doesn’t support your customers, so your customers will stop supporting you,” they added.

Another said: “They proselytise to the people in their programmes, they reject LGBT people from their shelters.

“They have tried to scrub their image, but still discriminate.”

This reaction echoes a campaign last year to boycott the “bigoted” Salvation Army.

(Facebook/Rowan Along)

Some users also took to rating the shop 1 star on their Facebook Page.

“Not only are your donuts sub-par, but you’re homophobic and transphobic business practices have really been showing your true colours,” a user said.

(Facebook/Dallen Delgado)

Another said: “Sadly, we won’t be returning to the Holy Donut. Considering the recent debacle and their deleting of pro-LGBT comments, whilst allowing viciously anti-gay comments to say.”

Holy Donut staff were allegedly unaware of the charity’s homophobic past.


In a post, also since deleted, Holy Donut defended itself, writing: “It would never have crossed our mind to even look into that.

“We do not support the Salvation Army or consider them our ‘partner’ for this project, they simply linked us to a needy family.

“People have suggested that we ‘pretend’ not to know of the Salvation Army’s reputation. We have nothing to gain here, we just wanted to help a family in need.

“It seems we have offended people which obviously we regret and that was not our intention in a holiday gift drive.”

This backlash comes as the Salvation Army dismissed claims that it has a poor record on LGBT rights as a “myth”.

Such ‘myths’ include a continued ban on gay people from serving as members unless they remain celibate.

And in 2014, a transgender woman was refused shelter by The Salvation Army as she hadn’t had surgery, leaving her homeless.

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