Graham Norton explains why he is still single

December 6, 2017
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Graham Norton has opened up about his love life in a new interview.

The comedian and talkshow host is currently single – a situation he says he’s happy with.

But he admitted to failing at a whole string of relationships.

He told the Guardian: “I’ve failed all my relationship exams, and yes it’s a different life, but I’m still living.

“You’re far better off finding ways to enjoy the life you’re living than mourning the life you’re not, which is a double whammy of unhappiness.”

He added: “And if you want someone to share your life, well, no one wants to share a miserable life.

“Look like you’re having fun, and someone might want to join the parade. A funeral cortege? Not so much.”

The Irish comic also admitted to keeping many of his opinions to himself.

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Asked why he doesn’t confront the so-called alt-right, who are known to be homophobic, he said:”And often I feel like a coward.

“I don’t do the Gary Lineker thing, sharing my opinions on Twitter.

“And maybe that makes me a spineless dick. As the world hurtles towards the alt-right, yes, I worry about that.

“But, who’d listen to me? Would retweeting Guardian articles really help?

“What I see when I do that, rather than change, is a real wheelbarrow of shit being pushed on top of me.

“And it turns out I care about that more than I do about ending fascism. Yeah, I’ve weighed it up. I’m good, thanks.”

Norton is one of the highest paid stars at the BBC.

The BBC annual report revealed his salary was in the £850,000 – £899,999 bracket.

However it is likely to be much higher, with the report only covering salary and not the money paid to his production company, So Television.

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