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Jeremy Kyle tells off lesbian couple for kissing in response to homophobic slurs

Gabby Jeffries November 24, 2017

Jeremy Kyle told off two lesbian parents for kissing on his TV show after they were accused of being unfit parents.

The ITV daytime show featured deadbeat dad Gary, whose ex-partner Nikki is now in a lesbian relationship with fiancée Chrissie.

On the show Gary attacked the two women for raising their child together, shouting: “I don’t want my son being raised by lesbians!”

He angrily confronted the couple to scream homophobic slurs about their plans for Chrissie to adopt Nikki’s son.

Responding to the attacks on their sexuality, Nikki and Chrissie decided to kiss in front of the cameras.

But the public display of affection apparently infuriated Jeremy Kyle, who told the couple they were behaving like a “caricature” and trying to “make it about their sexuality”.

The host told the couple they were “ridiculous” for responding to the homophobia with kissing.

He said: “Can I just say something? You want to be taken seriously and you don’t want to make this about your sexuality, because in my humble and boring opinion it’s about a kid.

“Don’t play up to a caricature, that is ridiculous. Just sit there.”

Gary went on to claim that being raised by a lesbian couple will turn his son gay.

He had claimed that “a man and a woman are meant to bring up a child not a couple of lesbians”, insisting that he was “worried” that having two mothers would make his son gay.

The TV host also shouted down an angry Chrissie when she told Gary he would not be able to block the adoption because of his homophobic views.

She said: “I’ve done more for that child in the four months I’ve been with Nikki than you’ve ever done. He’s not your kid, he’s my kid – I’m adopting him, and you haven’t got a chance in hell of stopping me.”

But Jeremy Kyle interjected: “I think he has, because he’s the father. I quite liked you for the first 17 seconds.

“I don’t want to be unfair but you’re biologically you’re not [the father]. You were doing well until you made it that stupid.”

The TV host did also tell off Gary for his comments.

He said: “That’s the most antiquated and thick view I’ve heard, and I’ve done this for 13 years.

“As a man, you are his father. Two women, two men, a man and a woman – let me tell you, if you’ve done what I’ve done, there are plenty of heterosexual relationships where they shouldn’t even be near kids. It’s not about [sexuality].

“If you are positively involved in your son’s life, your ex is the mother, it doesn’t matter who she’s going out with as long as that person is safe and is committed.

“They’re going to get married. You won’t get anywhere the way you’re talking. Are you jealous she prefers a woman to you?”

The TV show often tackles LGBT issues.

The host previously shouted at a guest who insisted he “hates” gay people.

The chat show host featured a segment on his show about George – a man whose wife accused him of of cheating on her with his male best friend.

However, when the host asked George if he is bisexual, he responded: “No! I’m anti-gays. I hate gay f*****s.”

Kyle hit back: “Do you know how much you’ve offended him with that Dickensian attitude?

“I’ll tell you what one of the commandments is, you stupid man – it’s to love and honour your wife, and not run off 35 times.”

Check out the clip here.

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