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A character on Netflix’s Riverdale has come out as bisexual, and fans are delighted

Josh Jackman November 16, 2017
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Riverdale’s Toni Topaz has come out as bisexual on the show, delighting fans.

She joins other Netflix characters to come out as bi this year, including Darryl Whitefeather on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Adam on Jane The Virgin.


Toni caused a storm in the Riverdale fandom when she kissed Jughead last week after his girlfriend Betty was forced to break up with him.

And it was revealed in the show’s latest installment that the pair did more than just kiss – but the day after, Toni had reservations.

She tells Jughead, now a fellow Southside Serpent, that she knows he’s not over Betty yet.

And then, in a paradigm-shifting moment, Toni says the line fans have been craving.

“I’m more into girls anyway,” she tells him.

To his credit, Jughead accepts this statement straight away.

“Roger that,” he says, playing it cool.

Needless to say, the explicit revelation had fans excited.

“SHOUTOUT TO TONI TOPAZ THE REAL BI ICON OMG,” one tweeted approvingly.


Another fan was on the same, caps-heavy level of excitement, writing: “TONI TOPAZ IS BI, GET READY FOR ME TO GET ON THE TONI/CHERYL TRAIN”.

Riverdale fans have been shipping Toni with Cheryl Blossom since Vanessa Morgan, who plays Toni, said she wanted her character to date Cheryl.


One message, which can only have been written in a heightened state of excitement, read: “toni topaz love of my life bi icon only sane person living in riverdale”.


In a similar wonderful stream of consciousness, another fan wrote: “TONI TOPAZ IS BI CONFIRMED THIS IS GREAT”.


The theme was repeated by someone else, who said: “yassss Toni Topaz bi pride all over this episode i love her with my whole heart”.


And, naturally, someone made the standard bi joke.

“What’s Toni Topaz’ favourite NSYNC song?” they asked.


“Bi Bi Bi” came the punchline.

“YAS GIRL,” they added, for extra emphasis.


The scene made Toni the only openly bi character on the show.

Moose Mason hasn’t defined his sexuality, and is in the closet anyway when it comes to his past sexual encounters with out gay character Kevin Keller.

Riverdale 203, Day 5 of 8 - July 20, 2017, Langley, BC, Canada

Before the second season started, Morgan confirmed that Toni’s sexuality would be the same as in the comic books, saying: “My character is bisexual.

“This is one hundred percent important.”

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