Why can’t people stop laughing at this photo of boyfriends at a wedding?

Katharine Swindells November 14, 2017
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Same-sex wedding cake (Getty)

When Mike Tague and his boyfriend, Andrew, agreed to usher for their friend’s wedding, they of course agreed.

Mike had been friends with the bride since high school, and they jumped at the chance to help.

Little did they know a wedding photo of them would end up becoming an internet sensation.

A few days after the wedding, when Mike spotted the slightly odd photo he posted it on Twitter.

“I thought my friends and family would get a kick out of it, but clearly, this dumb photo speaks to people for some reason” he told Buzzfeed News.

Since he posted it on Saturday it has got over 250,000 likes and 60,000 retweets, and we can see why.

Let’s zoom in there.

“My boyfriend looks like a snack and I look like a decaying vodka gummy bear,” he lamented.
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Hundreds of people have got involved, questioning whether the photographer did it on purpose, and criticising Mike’s bowties.

He has been compared to everyone from Jimmy Neutron, to Roger from American Dad, to the Flash.

Mike posted a poll on Twitter, asking people why they thought the photographer hated him. A) I did them wrong, B) They want my man, C) They hate bowties D) The world is a cold place.

People, of course, resoundingly chose option B.

“The photographer was simply crushing on the cutie next to you and threw shade at you for sitting by him,” one person responded.

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