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Lesbian tried to cut off girlfriend’s head in satanic ritual, court told

November 2, 2017
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Nadine Esterhuizen (Instagram)

Nadine Esterhuizen (Instagram/Nadine Esterhuizen)

A young woman accused of brutally murdering her girlfriend in a Satanic ritual has said she was acting in self-defence.

18-year-old student Nadine Esterhuizen was found dead next to a cup of blood in her sister’s kitchen.

Her ex-girlfriend, Corrine Jackson, 20, told a court she only stabbed Esterhuizen once, despite multiple wounds.

In a terrifying twist, prosecutors now allege she attempted to cut off her girlfriend’s head with a knife.

The victim had seven stab wounds to her head and neck and Johnson said the murder was premeditated, the court was told.

Her sister revealed Esterhuizen’s body was lying in a pool of blood.

The word ‘sorry’ was spelled out on the floor nearby using the victim’s hair, she said.

Jackson had been legally stopped from contacting the high school student after the family took out an injunction against her.

Jackson was found holding a knife in a locked toilet on the premises, which was rented by the alleged killer’s sister.

The court was told that a day before the murder, Esterhuizen had asked to borrow a sword from her sister to go with her Halloween costume.

Her sister refused and gave her the black knife instead.

She claims a row had been prompted between the women after Esterhuizen posted a video to Facebook of her previous girlfriend.

State prosecutor Darren Johnson told the court: “You made many threats to kill her and stab her, it’s all here in the protection order.

“She said you choked her many times.”

He added: “The neck, the wound from the back, how did that happen if you said you stabbed her once?

“It looked like the head was going to be cut off.”

Jackson denied the allegations, saying she acted in self-defence: “I reached forward to calm her down and she stabbed me in the chest and I threw her against the wall,” testified Jackson.

The alleged attacker’s sister, 29, who has asked not to be named, said the killing was part of a devil worship ritual.

“My fiancé said he knocked but there was no answer, and then asked a tenant on the same property for an extra set of keys,” she told local media.

“He said when he opened the door, he saw my sister lying in a pool of blood.”

judge gavel and tablet computer on the table
(Photo: Garloon)

She described the horrific scene, saying: “There was a cup filled with blood, we do not know whose blood it was.

“There was also hair in the cup.

“Strands of hair were used to write the word ‘sorry’.”

She also alleged that Jackson pretended to be Nadine by using her phone to respond to a series of WhatsApp messages while the victim lay dead in the kitchen.

Nadine Esterhuizen denies the allegations and the case continues on 7 November.

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