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Some of the best protest signs that totally trolled anti-LGBT bigots

Joseph McCormick October 31, 2017

Sometimes anti-LGBT protesters need a little reality check.

And sometimes the best reality check is by counter-protesters.

These demonstrators used wit and humour to perfectly troll protesters who attacked LGBT rights.

Check out a selection of the best below:

1. Apparently, this one was lost in translation…

2. Existing is not political!

3. We are all posessed

4. This church won’t be happy about this…

5. Bisexuals are all just confused…

6. We wonder if he found one?

7. Could he have made a worse insult?

8. Stating the obvious

9. A good point, well made

10. Trolling 13/10

11. This kind of undermines their whole thing… 😉


13. A bargain!

14. Just a selection of arbitrary comments


16. Probably

17. These Yale students knew what they were doing

18. The gay agenda is real!

19. Just bananas…

20. We see what he did there…

21. Fixed it

22. Good job, kid

23. Touché

24. He makes a point…

25. Fixed it…again

26. Priceless…

27. They probably don’t want their daughter to marry gay man?

28. You tell ’em, Jesus

29. Agreed

30. True!

31. Just get over it

32. Explain this one, homophobes

33. Schooled by Jesus again

34. Rude

35. Opposites attract

36. Bigotry isn’t attractive after all…

37. This hasn’t stopped bigots from filling in the blank

38. Get your swatches ready

39. Blame the straights!

40. It’s Liza with a z

41. Again, answer this one Westboro!?

42. Genius

43. Don’t forget the milk

44. Get on the right side of history…


46. …But they’d rather just have equal rights…

47. Again… would you rather this?

48. But so many same-sex couples still can’t marry

49. Yes, why do we still have to ask for rights

50. We’re looking at you, Melania

51. LGBT people are… people too

52. A good analogy… mmm donuts

53. An old but perfect photo

54. Bringing Jesus into it again…

55. Too right! Curries for everyone

56. If this kid can get it…

57. Don’t be a Malfoy

58. WHY?

59. But yeah, it’s probably just a phase…

60. Don’t let the sun go down

61. They just need to pee!

62. They aren’t going to like this

63. Ours too…

Share your favourites in the comments below!

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