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This inspiring before-and-after tweet about coming out as lesbian has gone viral

Josh Jackman October 27, 2017


It’s one thing to glo up physically – to go from an awkward teenager to your beautiful, flawless adult self.

It’s a whole other glorious miracle to glo up when it comes to your sexuality.

And a wonderful new lesbian hashtag is commemorating that transformation.

It’s simple: one picture of you with your pre-coming out boyfriend, and one of the much happier you with your current girlfriend.

All the denial, struggle and eventual realisations – summed up neatly in two photos.

#GayGloUp all came about as a beautiful response to a side-by-side comparison from Caitlin Crowley, who asked her followers: “Freshman to senior year, does this count as a glo up???”


Because people are amazing, she didn’t just get confirmation that this was the best glo up ever.

She also got beautiful responses from other girls who had grown into their sexualities.


Heartwarming, right?



Definitely an improvement.

I mean, just look how happy she looks in the second photo. Beaming!


Looks like the wait was worth it, at least.

And it turns out that it wasn’t just the girls in these photos who eventually figured out they were gay.


And is that – yep, it’s two halves of one gorgeous lesbian relationship.


In 2017, we’ve appreciated the delights of #BiTwitter and #PanTwitter, an outpouring of joy, love and hilarious reminders that pansexual doesn’t mean an attraction to kitchenware.

There was also #BlackGaySlay, the beautiful queer celebration of Black History Month.

And #LGBTbabes saw photos come in from celebrities and fans alike, with LGBT youth climbing on board with all your favourite out famous people.

Let’s also not forget the glorious day of #itsthelgbt, the hashtag which said: “We’re here, we’re proud, and we look amazing, dammit.”

And because we can’t just have nice things as a species, June brought us the horror of #HeterosexualPrideDay, a hashtag born from the misplaced idea that cisgender, straight (cishet) people are oppressed.

Then there was the brilliant #InternationalLesbianDay.

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