10+ cute same-sex couples’ Halloween costumes to inspire you

Joseph McCormick October 25, 2017
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Still looking for some inspiration for a couples’ Halloween costume? Look no further.

Some of these couples went above and beyond to be everything in Halloweens past.

Others had simpler ideas but which had a hidden meaning behind them making them brilliant in their own right.

Some spooky, some gory and some cute – check out the 10+ couples’ costumes below:

1 Prince and Bowie

Source: Insta – alliamcleod

Two legends

Source: Instagram – alliamcleod

2 Just two gay Storm Troopers hanging out

Source: Insta – brandonmontgomery_1

The force is strong with these two

Source: Instagram – brandonmontgomery_1

3 Classic Halloween realness

Source: Insta – e.lysium_

Nothing beats a classic look done well

Source: Instagram – e.lysium_

4 AHS Cult!

Source: Insta – lincolnjoseph5576

We want to see looks from all the American Horror Story series!

Source: Instagram – lincolnjoseph5576

5 A simple idea but it gives a lot away!

Source: insta – johnny_cbus

Out there for the world to see

Source: Instagram – johnny_cbus

6 A magician and rabbit

Source: Insta – wepartyxo

We wonder if they prepared any tricks for this Halloween night

Source: Instagram – wepartyxo

7 Another classic Halloween look – vampires!

Source: insta – luigilaredo

“Who is for dinner?”

Source: Instagram – luigilaredo

8 Napoleon Dynamite! (RIP)

Source: Insta – jay_nathaniel11

Vote Pedro!

Source: Instagram – jay_nathaniel11

9 Lara Croft

Source: Insta – thenextbradpitt

Okay, so technically not a couple – but this was too good to pass up.

Source: Instagram – thenextbradpitt

10 A classic strongman couple

Source: Insta – johnhalbach

A great look!

Source: Instagram – johnhalback

11 Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr Seuss

Source: Insta – cdennip28

What a brilliant pair!

Source: Instagram – cdennip28

12 Gory!

Source: insta – lesbianscanarias

Their SFX makeup is on fleek!

Source: Instagram – lesbianscanarias

13 Gladiators

Source: Insta – tearn23

Another classic look, this couple decided to give gladiator realness. We are sure they didn’t fight to the death though…

Source: Instagram – tearn23

14 Families who Halloween together…

Source: Insta – jillianbabbel

Cute dinosaurs!

Source: Instagram – jillianbabbel

15 “His moose, my mountie”

Source: Insta – alfierivera3

So cute!

Source: Instagram – alfierivera3

16 Too cute! The Hamburglar!

Source: Insta – dean_scott_

He obviously stole his heart!

Source: Instagram – dean_scott_

17 So simple, but so good!

Source: Insta – buddyivlove


Source: Instagram – buddyivlove

18 A spin on Batman and Robin

Source: Insta – drmshippy

They might need some more armour if they go out on the streets though…

Source: Instagram – drmshippy

19 Enemies no more – Hook and Pan

Source: Insta – leasher3

They apparently made up

Source: Instagram – leasher3

20 More Prince realness (And a raspberry beret!)

Source: Insta – marti.and.vanessa


Source: Instagram – marti.and.vanessa

21 Bonnie and Clyde!

Source: Insta – wepartyxo

A blast from the past

Source: Instagram – wepartyxo

22 A referee and a player!

Source: Insta – nav_iii_jd

Hopefully he doesn’t call foul… and other sports references

Source: Instagram – nav_iii_jd

23 Not a couple but… FINISH HIM

Source: Insta – danielscre8tv

Mortal Kombat

Source: Instagram – danielscre8tve

24 Another anti-hero spin

Source: Insta – ic424

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn – getting close – this should happen in the comics!

Source: Instagram – ic424

25 He caught himself a mermaid!

Source: Insta – tylerj1123

Not the most perfectly executed look, but 10/10 for effort!

Source: Instagram – tylerj1123

26 Freddie vs … Ivy?

Source: Insta – juancalbanese

A pair we never thought to see meet!

Source: Instagram – juancalbanese

27 She says she married a unicorn…

Source: Insta -official_mrs.manuel

Congrats to the happy couple!

Source: Instagram – official_mrs.manuel

28 It’sa me – Mario!

Source: Insta – shmooysme11

Something tells us they won’t be rescuing Princess Peach…

Source: Instagram – shmooysme11

29 Okay, not really a couple but so CUTE

Source: Insta – cliffandroxie

How long did they stay like this!?

Source: Instagram – cliffandroxie

30 Tinkerbell and Pan

Source: Insta –

A natural pairing

Source: Instagram – onetheonlyinga

31 Two couples? I think we need saving…

Source: Insta – drmshippy

Great when looks all come together

Source: Instagram – drmshippy

32 Hello Sailors!

brysonprado insta halloween
Source: Insta – brysonprado insta halloween

Land ahoy

Source: Instagram – brysonprado

33 Simple, but brilliant!

kram_onnah_max_yak insta halloween
Source: Insta –
kram_onnah_max_yak insta halloween

This might be our favourite – so simple but so cute and well executed

Source: Instagram – kram_onnah_max_yak

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