Donald Trump supporter trails lesbians and tells them they’re going to ‘burn in hell’

Josh Jackman October 20, 2017
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A Trump supporter told a lesbian couple that they were “unnatural” and “going to burn in hell” as they were celebrating their anniversary.

Jessica Lundquist and Tiffany Steinberg were walking along the pier after a romantic dinner to mark two years together when they were approached.

Jessica recalled how “we held hands for a little while…not even that long, like 20, 30 seconds,” before a man came marching straight towards them.

(YouTube Tiff & Jess)
(YouTube Tiff & Jess)

The Californian couple, who have 32,000 YouTube subscribers on their joint channel, told viewers that the man got in their faces and asked: “Did you know that you’re sinners?”

On their channel, the pair detailed how they told him to leave repeatedly, but he kept asking if they were aware that “when you got to hell, you can never leave hell.”

They walked away, but he followed them.

He told them they were “abnormal,” must have “issues with men” and said he couldn’t believe “they let you move” to Orange County, where the pair live.

When they told him “no-one agrees with you,” he responded by pointing to the fact that Donald Trump’s presidency.

The man, who gave his name as Anthony Miskulin, said: “They do actually – this is the Trump era and you’re going to see a whole lot of things changing.”

(YouTube Tiff & Jess)
(YouTube Tiff & Jess)

“When he said that, it all started to make sense. Crazy motherf***er thinks it’s the Trump era,” Jessica said.

Tiffany said that the man’s response showed that “our President is invoking people to become more violent in person and come up to us in person for being who we are.”

She added: “I felt that just says a lot about where the countries headed”.

However, the responses the couple had received from fans had been “overwhelmingly positive towards us,” she said.

“So I definitely feel better now than I did in that moment.”

(YouTube Tiff & Jess)
(YouTube Tiff & Jess)

When she saw these comments, she said “I realised this isn’t the Trump era, and we can’t let it be the Trump era.”

They said they recorded the incident and posted it on YouTube to show people the reality of the abuse LGBT people face.

“The fact that we got video evidence of this guy literally abusing us in public and not giving a f*** about anyone else or anything opened a lot of people’s eyes,” Tiffany said.

Unfortunately, YouTube has reportedly demonetised the video, meaning the couple can’t make anything from its ad revenues.

The platform eventually apologised earlier this year for “confusing and upsetting” LGBT YouTubers by hiding their videos from people using the Restricted Mode feature.

Watch the full video below:

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