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YouTube allows horrifically transphobic advertising on its videos

Josh Jackman October 5, 2017
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YouTube allowed a virulently transphobic advert to play before its videos, it has been revealed.

The advert featured a video which tells viewers that transgender people coming out has led to more violence against women.



The video, created by ultra-conservative non-profit Prager University, continues by claiming that pro-LGBT activists insist there is no difference between men and women.

It also refers to vague “progressive elites” who, it says, “run our universities, news media, many of our biggest companies, and even our high schools and elementary schools”.


This nods to conspiracy theories – displayed in many countries, unfortunately – which tell people that Jews, liberals and even the Illuminati run the world.

These progressive elites are trying to force women into ‘male’ pursuits such as having casual sex, joining the army and – shock horror – having a career, the video says.


Its presenter adds that “the majority of women” secretly don’t want equality in any of these areas.

Prager University, styled as PragerU, is not a university.

Instead, it was established by radio talk show host Dennis Prager to spread ultra-conservative viewpoints.

The Trump-backing radio host has claimed that it is a “left-wing lie” to say straight people get AIDS.

He proceeded to claim that the college sexual assault epidemic is also a left-wing lie.


His non-profit’s channel currently has more than a million YouTube subscribers, and is now seemingly trying to spread its hate by advertising on other, non-hateful videos.

The offensive advert has now been removed, but only after complaints were made on a different social media platform, Twitter, by LGBT activists.

Cassandra Complex followed up this post with another one which highlighted the hateful message promoted by the advert.

But it took another activist – this time a verified Twitter user – to post about the issue for it to gain traction.


More than nine hours after Cassandra had pointed out “YouTube is apparently allowing anti-transgender ads now,” and after both accounts’ tweets attracted thousands of retweets and likes, YouTube removed the advert.

“That ad violates our advertising policies and has been removed,” the YouTube Twitter account wrote.

“Thanks for bringing it to our attention.”

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