TV hosts have a ‘secret plan’ to end same-sex marriage in the USA

Steph Kyriacou September 22, 2017
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Two notorious TV hosts have a secret plan to end equal marriage, and apparently it’s hiding inside their closet.

Twin brothers David and Jason Benham became famous among evangelicals in 2014 when their house-flipping TV reality show was cancelled over their anti-gay activism.

The pair, hosts of HGTV series Flip It Forward, were axed after TV execs were made aware that they had long records of religious anti-LGBT activism.

The pair this week took to the stage during the 20th anniversary gala for right-wing webpage LifeSiteNews.

LifeSiteNews billed their talk as revealing “the secret to ending abortion and gay ‘marriage’ in America”, but after watching the pair gabble for five minutes about what they do with their ‘candles’ inside their massive closet, frankly we’re more confused than ever.


One of the brothers explained: “The problem is not the darkness, the problem is the absence of light… I don’t open a closet door and all the darkness from the closet come and fill the room. It’s the light from the room fills the closet.”

The brothers continued: “We, as people of faith, have to look inward first and say ‘okay, we’ve got gay marriage, okay we’ve got abortion on demand, we’ve got rampant perversion. We’re deconstructing the image of God at every level of society. It’s gotten begin here first. We’ve gotta look in first!

“Light does two things – first, it exposes your good deeds, so people can actually see your light. But it also exposes the world’s evil deeds.”

They then went on to compare ‘God’s light’ to that of a candle, while connecting Satan to “the wind blowing to extinguish your light.”

They asked the audience: “Do you know how God gets the light that’s inside of you out into the world? He puts you in situations where the Devil is trying to extinguish your light.”

David Benham previously claimed that same-sex marriage is a Satanic plot.

He claimed: “We’ve deconstructed gender – it’s an ultimate attack on the Creator… you deny truth, then you have a darkened heart, then you displace God. God no longer matters. From there it goes to degrading passion and then a depraved mind.

So this is where we find ourselves as a culture, is with a depraved mind where we’re celebrating and even forcing others to participate in immorality.

He continues: “The Lord wants us to have life, and this whole deconstruction of gender, this whole redefinition of marriage, all of these things is a mask for Satan who is robbing and killing and destroying these people who desperately want life.

“They want to seek the love of a father, trying to find it in the arms of another man and they’ll never find it there.”

David Benham has also previously claimed he convinced a man to renounce his homosexuality – by offering him baseball tickets.

The Benhams have compared their experience of being sacked for hate speech to that of people murdered by ISIS.

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