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10+ jokes to make any lesbian or bi woman laugh out loud

Alexis Holt September 19, 2017
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Sometimes attitudes towards LGBT people can make you feel if you don’t laugh you’ll cry.

Les be honest (sorry), lesbians and bisexual women are sometimes the butt of the joke – but these prove that queer ladies will always have the last laugh.

Enjoy this selection – all courtesy of Tumblr – and don’t forget to share your own in the comments below!

1 Let’s start with one everyone knows…


2 And again…

Lesbian 10

3 So relatable, right?

4 This is just true…

LEsbian 16

5 We’ve all been there…

6 This board game though

Lesbian 17

7 Restaurant dating politics for queer ladies 101

8 Maybeee trying a little too hard…

Lesbian 19

9 Family ones are the best

Lesbian 23

10 Walmart ftw

11 When you reach your humorous pinnacle

Lesbian 24

12 Have you heard the one about the lesbian in Home Depot?

13 How can they not have known…

Lesbian 20

14 Her heart definitely skipped a beat

Lesbian 15

15 What do you call it when a lesbian gets c*ckblocked?

16 The secret to lesbian happiness!

Lesbian 4

17 Brittney speaks the truth

Lesbian 2

18 Lesbians can be players too!

19 Double standards!

Lesbian 3

20 An oldie but a goodie

Lesbian 6

21 These abbreviations bring new meaning…

Lesbian 14

22 Same tbh

23 This one can also be used as a threat during arguments 😉

Lesbian 11

24 Oh that old chestnut…

Lesbian 8

25 Well, quite.

26 This one is crude.. but good

Lesbian 22

27 The struggle is real

Lesbian 9

28 HA!!

Lesbian 1

29 Oh no!


30 Sometimes the simple ones are the best

Lesbian 5

31 It’s deeply satisfying when Cards Against Humanity works exactly like this – funny cos it’s true

Lesbian 18

Hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to share your favourite jokes in the comments below.

Sarah Paulson2

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