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The ex-Mayor of Hell has rewritten The Bible to make it super gay

Steph Kyriacou September 18, 2017
(Twitter/Elijah Daniel)

(Twitter/Elijah Daniel)

The first gay Mayor of Hell has created a Bible…but gayer.

Elijah Daniel, who originally rose to fame through platforms like Vine and Youtube, has now taken to Twitter and created more infamy for himself – much to his own delight, it seems.

He already has a crude Donald Trump tattoo.

And last month, he got himself appointed Mayor of a town called Hell, proceeded to ban heterosexual people, and was quickly impeached.

Safe to say, Elijah is no stranger to being the centre of attention.

His latest venture? Re-writing the Bible to make it super gay.

Twitter: Elijah Daniel

What began as a few jokey tweets about reworking the religious text quickly spawned into something more serious, as people clamoured for a full-length version.

And Elijah was quick to capitalise on the idea.

48 hours later, the rework was complete, with an Amazon link to “The Holy Bible… But Gayer” posted to Daniel’s Twitter page.

While the book was received well by most people – with many fans sharing their amusement online – some took offence to Elijah’s book.

But most of the comments showed support for the comedian’s work, and even included some praise from religious people.

Twitter: Elijah Daniel

And the book had a more positive effect on some people than anyone could’ve anticipated.

A few readers were inspired by the Gay Bible to tell Elijah their coming out stories.

Elijah also spoke up in response to people criticising his book.

He said that “all I did was rewrite your ideology against you to show you how stupid you look and you made yourselves look dumber that’s a f***in talent”.

Twitter: Elijah Daniel

The book quickly hit Number 1 in Amazon’s Christian eBooks & Bibles section, but was then suddenly taken off the site.

Twitter: Elijah Daniel

Elijah wouldn’t be deterred, and quickly posted an alternative download link for his fans.

Twitter: Elijah Daniel

He has yet to tweet anything else regarding the book, although he has spoken up about a potential sequel.

Twitter: Elijah Daniel

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