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20+ more queer parents and their families having the best time of their lives

Joseph McCormick September 15, 2017
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Starting a family is beautiful and families come in all shapes and sizes – but they have one thing in common – love.

PinkNews recently published
a collection of photos of gay and bi dads showing off their happy families on social media.

We requested you share photos of your families, LGBT+ or otherwise and you didn’t fail to disappoint.

Find below a collection of PinkNews readers’ photos of them and their beautiful families.

1 – Being a single parent to your fur baby still counts – cute!

Submitted by Darren

2 – This reader publicly asked his surrogate if she’d help him have a baby – and she said yes! Cute puppy though!

Submitted by Henry

3 – This mom is so proud of her daughter at the pool

Submitted by Nick

4 – And so were these gay dads at the game with their son

Submitted by Doug

5 – A couple asked if their feathered child still counts – of course!

Submitted by James

6 – And grown up kids count too! Looks like a lovely day out

Submitted by Peter

7 – They said they want to have kids one day but they are happy with their fur family for now!

Submitted by Bobby

8 – Another proud dad with his son – sharing the wonders of the world

Submitted by Anthony

9 – These dads could’t say enough how proud they are of their son and their family – you can tell!

Submitted by David

10 – And these dads, and their kids – couldn’t look happier

Submitted by Vaughan

11 – This couple couldn’t wait to get away with their new addition

Submitted by Matthew

12 – A dad and his daughter just messing around

Submitted by Patrick

13 – Proud on her prom day with her moms

Submitted by Tammy

14 – A road trip with the family – hope you guys had fun!

Submitted by Tammy

15 – A beautiful, intimate moment between father and son

Submitted by Didier

16 – Storytime – the best part of the day – this dad looks like he’s enjoying it more than his kid!

Submitted by Lester

17 – You know what they say, families who drink together…

Submitted by Lester

18 – Not a dad yet but this godfather is super proud of his godson – you can tell just by looking at the photo

Submitted by David

19 – Could these dads look prouder with their beautiful son?

Submitted by Bren

20 – These moms are so proud of their daughter on her wedding day

Submitted by Laurie

21 – N’awww look at this cute family unit

Submitted by Tanya on behalf of Juan and Joseph

22 – This dad sadly lost his daughter aged 4 to AIDS related illness and his partner who died from cancer

Submitted by Larry

22 – But he did remarry – here he is on his wedding day 2 years ag – “Life changes but it is good.”

Submitted by Larry
Thank you for sharing your story with us and your wise words.

23 – This straight couple are so proud that this mom offered to be a surrogate for this gay couple

Submitted by Katie

24 – This family said they hadn’t taken many photos but this is of them and their first born when she was one – take some more you’re all beautiful!

Submitted by Melissa

25 – Two proud moms with their daughter – and they are now expecting a son! Congrats!

Submitted by Neva

26 – They said “love makes a family for sure” – you’ve definitely got plenty of that! And silliness 🙂

Submitted by Jacquelynn

27 – This single dad with his fur baby said this probably wasn’t what we were looking for – you were wrong! Families come in all shapes and sizes.

Submitted by Jaxx

28 – This wife already has a growing family but says she wants to have more!

Submitted by Klay

29 – They said they were too young to be moms, but are super proud of their kitties – you should be!

Submitted by Jamie

30 – Proud family at their son’s preschool graduation – they grow up so fast

Submitted by Dax

31 This proud mom shared a photo of herself her fiancée and their kids on Christmas

Submitted by Shai

32 Apparently we’re lucky to receive this pic as they couldn’t get their daughter off the dance floor! Same tbh.

Submitted by Chelsea

33 – These moms took their daughter Rylee to Disney where they said their holiday was filled with “love, laughter and Mickey Mouse”

Submitted by Kristi

34 – Just a single gay dad – does’t mean that there’s any less love here! Cute

Submitted by Killian

35 – This happy couple are with dad and brother (father in law and brother in law) on their very happy wedding day – excellent sartorial choices here

Submitted by Lorna

36 – These gay dads had their photo shared by their proud kids on their wedding day – so much love

Submitted by Bekah

37 – These proud moms took their daughter to the happiest place on earth – looks like thats wherever you’re all together!

Submitted by Hope

38 – This one was just captioned “my loves” – we can see why

Submitted by Jessica

39 – This couple has a heartwrenching story – 1- years of trying for kids and 6 miscarriages led them to this proud and beautiful moment

Submitted by Marcy

40 – Just a cute family day out at the beach!

Submitted by Kylie

41 – “Families are forever” – never have truer words been spoken

Submitted by Brianna

42 – Moms on graduation day with their beautiful family

Submitted by April

43 – They described their family of six kids as like the Brady Bunch – whatever it is they’re cute! Good luck on your wedding day

Submitted by Bec

44 – Proud dads at the beach on their wedding day – congratulations to the happy couple and this lovely family

Submitted by Shane

45 – A cute new edition to their growing family!

Submitted by Kylie

46 – Proud parents with their ‘kiddos’ – thanks for sharing with us!

Submitted by Jaime

47 – Thanks for sharing this beautiful moment with us

Submitted by Suzanne

48 – Mum and grown-up sons just hanging out on her birthday

Submitted by Annabella

49 – A trans mom and her beautiful daughter – thank you for sending this in!

Submitted by Xochitl

50 – A single mum who says one days she will find the right person – we are sure you will but there is obviously so much love in your family already!

Submitted by Tina

51 – “Divorced but happy” – clearly, you guys are so cute!

Submitted by Kara

52 – Cute family and their niece on a road trip – enjoy!

Submitted by Laura

53 – This reader said this is her tiny family – it may be tiny but that doesn’t limit the amount of love you clearly have to give

Submitted by Henryedda

54 – They said their son didn’t want to be in this photo – lol 🙂

Submitted by Renee

55 – A beautiful shot of a lovely family

Submitted by Emily

56 – This is the Wood family at the Braves game – Go Team Wood!

Submitted by Tina

57 – A beautiful family – thanks for sharing

Submitted by Sarah

58 – You asked ‘does this count?’ – why, of course it does!

Submitted by Brandie

59 – Dads and their kids at Easter – happy holidays!

Submitted by Chelsey

60 – Looks like a very special wedding day – congrats to the happy couple and your wonderful family

Submitted by Attosha

61 – And another wedding day – you guys look so happy!

Submitted by Faith

62 – Just a gay dad having fun silly times with the kids 🙂

Submitted via Facebook

63 – More proud moms on their wedding day

Submitted by Jenny

Thanks to all our readers for your beautiful submissions – keep them coming!

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