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That girlfriend vs other girl meme is part of an amazing lesbian story that’s gone viral

Josh Jackman September 14, 2017
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(Twitter & Twitter/Stupidfanficmo1)

(Twitter & Twitter/Stupidfanficmo1)

The ubiquitous girlfriend vs the other girl meme has been turned into a heart-wrenching lesbian love story.

Even if you don’t know it by name, your timeline will have been saturated by it over the past couple of weeks, as everyone jumps on the latest meme.

You know the drill: while walking with his girlfriend, a guy stares at another woman in that gross way men do, and the girlfriend looks at him, outraged.

A couple of quick labels on the relevant characters, and you’ve got yourself a new twist on the meme of the moment.

Twitter user lulu added a happy lesbian twist ending to the meme which went viral – but this new take goes so, so much further.

17-year-old Izzy Saks took a deep dive into the stock image database in question and surfaced with a fully fleshed-out story for the ages.

Cheating, betrayal and even kidnapping feature in this gripping tale, made up of dozens of pictures taken of the characters you know and love – as well as a new love interest.

Are you ready? Then we’ll begin.

It starts off happily enough.

And then – the darkness begins.

Get ready for some twists, turns and terrifying tribulations.

Straight men. Ugh.

Just the worst.

It’s safe to say where Izzy’s loyalties lie.

And it’s not with this terrible excuse for a man.

But this becomes clearer further down the line. Let’s continue.


Live your best life, girl. Chase your bliss.

And here’s where it gets really dark.

Like, really dark.

Buckle in.

This, surely, is the best ending possible.

I mean, I’d watch the cinematic version of this story.

Izzy couldn’t believe the fact that she has turned this story into stuff of lesbian legend.

But we can.

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