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The internet has decided that Pennywise from ‘IT’ and The Babadook are dating

Jasmine Andersson September 14, 2017


Lives were transformed when The Babadook became the world’s least likely gay icon.

Netflix just didn’t know what it had gotten into when it included The Babadook in the streaming site’s LGBT sub-genre.

And although we have probably seen The Babadook celebrating being released from the closet in an array of rainbow-themed GIFs, The Blessed Internet has brought around a new delightful plot twist: Pennywise from IT is The Babadook’s boyfriend.

Terrifying clown Pennywise, who has reemerged in cinematic glory thanks to a remake of the film adaptation of the Stephen King novel, has found himself an equally terrifying lover in the form of The ‘Dook.

Ignoring the fact that the pair probably bonded over terrorising children, the story has become and LGBTQ romance for the ages.

It appears it all began when Twitter user @starkrhodey posted that Pennywise is an LGBT ally.

Because the internet is ridiculous, they consequently received a string of angry homophobic direct messages from a Republican who challenged Pennywise’s status as a re-emerging gay icon.

And like a red rag to a bull, the queer Twitterati came out in style to suggest one groundbreaking thought: The Babadook and Pennywise are as one.

As the array of fan art and simply fantastic tweets indicates, it appears that love even makes the hardest nuts among us melt a little bit inside.

The Babadook’s sexuality first came into discussion on Tumblr.

“Whenever someone says the Babadook isn’t openly gay it’s like?? Did you even watch the movie???” said one user.

It started off a thread of 100,000 responses, which led to the Babbadook being crowned the ultimate queen.

Lest we forget, the magic of Pride anthem ‘Babashook’ cemented the character’s status.

Is “The fiercest queen in the god damn book. The fiercest queen is The Babadook,” one of the best lyrics of all time? Probably.

We salute you and wish you a lifetime of happiness, Pennydook.

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