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20+ Gay Dads are living their absolute best lives so be jealous

Joseph McCormick September 12, 2017

Being a parent is apparently one of the most rewarding and life changing experiences someone can go through.

So be jealous – these gay dads are having a whale of a time and living their actual best lives.

Families come in all shapes and sizes but have one thing in common – love.

Check out a selection of the best gay dad pictures below:

1 Pride is for families


2 Cute!


3 The first moments of their new family, beautiful!


4 Out and about in nature


5 Lovely family moments together

6 Chilling at home

7 Beach life

8 Twins!

9 Nearly ready to go home from the hospital

10 Some gay dads have more furry kids than others…

11 Complementing outfits

12 So much love!

13 One big happy family.. and growing

14 Families who bake together… cake together?

15 Birthday fun

16 At the big game as a family

17 Picnics in the park

18 Ready for the pool

19 So much birthday fun!

20 Taking in the wildlife

21 Relaxing on holiday

22 Um…

23 Proud dad

24 What are they watching?!

25 Beautiful!


27 Boat trip!

28 Snuggles

29 They look so proud of their beautiful family

30 So happy

31 Just lovely

32 Friends visiting their new family

33 Beach fun

34 First time at the beach? He looks happy!

35 Yoga is more fun when you get the family involved


37 Story time

38 My dads are superheroes

39 Just silliness with our gay dad

40 Family cabin trip

41 Brings new meaning to Pride

42 Learning to tie my laces with my dads

43 So beautiful

44 Just chilling with the fam

45 Precious first moments

46 Enjoy the beach!

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