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This trans man sang a beautiful duet with himself before and after starting treatment

PinkNews Staff Writer September 4, 2017
Charlie Peck

(Photo by Charlie Peck/YouTube)

Coming out as transgender is no easy feat, and the journey of a transition is literally life changing.

One trans man from Sweden decided to celebrate his own transition through his passion: music.

trans duet
(Photo by Charlie Peck / YouTube)

The singer created a beautiful musical tribute not only to celebrate his own journey but also the journey of the trans community.

The singer decided to put his own unique twist on a cover of Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

Peck recorded two vocal tracks before starting hormone therapy.

The two tracks were recorded with a nine-month gap in the middle.

He then meshed them together to create the touching duet.

He was motivated to create the song to give back to the community.

The singer explained that hearing other trans people’s stories had helped him with his journey and he wanted to do the same for others.

“During my own journey, I benefitted greatly from other people’s stories and progress.

“I wanted to find my own way to give back to others, to give people in the trans community hope that things can get better and life can move in the direction you wish it to,” he said.

The cover quickly went viral and Peck said he was taken back by the support he had received

He explained: “The reactions have been very supportive! I never thought it would spread as much as it has.

“I am so glad people have shown so much appreciation.”

Although most of the reaction was overwhelmingly positive, he did receive some criticism.

“A few people have given me really harsh comments, but they are so few that I can count them on one hand,” Peck said.

A group of people who watched the video said that they were confused, and thought that Peck was two different people.

“People think I was a different person before. I guess that’s because I chose to sing to myself.

“Maybe it has sent the wrong message. I’m exactly the same person as before, I’ve merely shed coats,” he said.

Charlie Peck
(Photo by Charlie Peck / YouTube)

He does have some regrets about the final video.

The singer had used his “dead” name in the video and he feels that by doing so, he accidentally gave permission for others to use it.

“I also use my previous name in the video.

“Some people have interpreted that as clearance to use my old name: it’s never ok to talk to a trans person with their previous name as it can give them discomfort, I can’t emphasize that enough.”

Despite the hiccups, Peck would do it all again

“Overall, the reactions and feedback have been overwhelming and filled with so much love.

“I’m really grateful for that,” he added.

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