Male sex workers share the most bizarre requests they have received

Meka Beresford August 27, 2017
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Male sex workers have revealed some of the most bizarre requests that they have received in their line of work.

The sex workers spoke about what clients have asked them to do on an AskReddit thread.

The requests ranged from the out right strange to borderline creepy.

For some sex workers, their most common request often entails some sort of domination.

“Most common request was verbal degradation, spitting, slapping,” one person explained. “I played up the whole macho masculine role.”

But for some, spitting wasn’t enough domination.

“Guy who wanted to jerk off [while] watching me smoke six cigarettes. I almost threw up,” someone wrote.

Some requests were less about sex and more about power for the clients.

“I worked as a nude housekeeper in college for what I assume were gay men (30s-60s).

“I would just strip down and do various housecleaning tasks in the buff. If they had a secluded yard, I sometimes did gardening. I got paid 100 dollar an hour on average,” one person explained.

A different sex worker added that they were given fruit-based tasks.

“I was once asked to peel a banana, then seductively, yet carefully, scrape off the rough outer layer with my teeth, to reveal the more slimy banana flesh within.

“This was a little strange, but I was totally fine with it, I mean, easy money, right?”

Some sex workers had much scarier clients who genuinely wanted to cause physical harm.

“I had a client who wanted to cut my leg off. We wrapped some meat around my leg and he cut that, but that didn’t work for him, he wanted to see the blood.”

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