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Two lesbian mothers have shared a beautiful letter addressed to their son

Meka Beresford August 26, 2017
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Two lesbian mothers have shared a beautiful letter addressed to their son.

Katherine Jorgensen and Roanne Blackler have a seven-year-old son, Nicholas.

The family live together in Australia and in recent weeks the two mothers have felt that they have to protect their son from homophobic propaganda surrounding the postal survey on marriage equality.

The anti-gay rhetoric did not come only from anti-same-sex marriage campaigners as Nicholas was subject to bullying in his school because of the sexuality of his mothers.

Taking to Twitter, the couple explained that their “son was told his family is not a real family because he has two mums” and pinned the blame on “Malcolm” (Malcolm Turnbull, the Australian Prime Minister).

They said that the homophobic abuse they had encountered led to them blocking out the media from their lives.

“We haven’t watched the news, morning or night, for fear of him hearing some vile lies about his family,” Jorgensen wrote.

Nicholas quickly caught on to the protective instinct of his mother’s and soon began to question why he was not allowed to collect the mail or watch news programmes.

Jorgensen added: “We’ve got a kid who is seven who reads at a 9-year-old level. Yay for Nicholas! But that means we can’t let him read the newspaper. There’s too much stuff he could come across that puts his family in a negative light. We’ve had to alter our lives because of the postal survey.”

The pair had explained marriage equality to him but yet they were still struggling to move forward with their lives in amongst the catastrophe that was the postal survey so far.

Nicholas’ godmother, Bek Allcroft, soon heard about the classroom bullies and decided to write a beautiful letter explaining to the seven-year-old the complexities of the marriage vote and why people had been hostile towards his mothers.

The letter reads: “Lots of people have been really trance and strong by standing up and saying that your mums should be allowed to get married just like everyone else.

“But sadly, lots of people have been saying lots of mean things about the LGBTQIA+ community and just in case they haven’t made enough people feel sad, now they are saying mean things about families with two mums or two dads.

“That makes me sad because you and your mums are the best family I could ever have. So I wanted to tell you some amazing things about your family.

Allcroft goes on to list beautiful facts about the family, including why Nicholas was lucky to have two mums who “love you so much” and why he didn’t need a daddy because “every family is different”.

She concludes the letter by reminding her godson that “people will say mean things to other people because they are scared” but that she knows he “will ask them how you can help people who say mean things to be kind”.

“Have courage and be king. My hope for you during this difficult time and for always in your life is that you have the courage to stand up for what you know is the truth, and that you will find ways to spread kindness wherever you go,” she added.

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