Attackers who violently beat a man in homophobic rage punished with ‘counselling’

Meka Beresford August 17, 2017
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A man who was viciously beaten by two men in a homophobic rage has taken to Facebook to express his dismay at the lack of punishment as his attackers are sentenced to “triage”.

Jack Gunter was severely beaten on Saturday night by attackers who punched and kicked him, leaving him with a black eye, broken glasses and smashed phone.

During the attack, Gunter said that he was called a “faggot” and “gay c*nt”. by the two attackers.

Writing on the social platform, Gunter said that after the “unprovoked assault” he thought he would be reimbursed for the damages done to his glasses and phone.

He also hoped to see his attackers put to justice, but was disappointed when he was told he would have to foot the bill and that the attackers were given “triage”.

He wrote: “So an unprovoked assault like this, you’d think that something would be put into place to reimburse for said glasses & broken phone right? WRONG.

“I have to fit the bill to get these items fixed even though no fault of my own and the cause being in a malicious attack not even provoked by myself.

“You’d think that the boys that did this would maybe end up going to court and to apologise at the very least? Again WRONG.

“The TWO boys that caused my black eyes, broken phone, glasses and a loss of a days wage get off with a thing called triage which has been described to me as counselling.”

Triage is offered to first time offenders between the age of 10 and 17 for “less serious crimes”.

Offenders are asked to apologise to their victims.

After it was introduced, a study found that reoffending rate was cut in half.

Gunter wrote that he was “deeply disappointed” that the attackers were only given triage.

He wrote: “Imagine that eh? Kicking someone in the face and hating on them for no justifiable reason other than being someone of a different sexuality and then getting away with a bit of counselling? Well I would be landed with that!

“It disgusts me how I & so many others have to walk away from situations like this with said items destroyed and our dignity/pride worn down.

“What ever happened to serving the victims and not the criminals who choose to commit these crimes?”

Gunter concluded that he hoped karma would come back to his “immature, narrow-minded and disgusting” attackers.

“I also wonder if they have told their parents about how they managed to give an innocent so much grief and get away with what they’ve done,” he added.

Since sharing the post on Facebook, it has been shared numerous times and friends and family of Gunter took to the comment section to share their support and love for him.

“So awful that stuff like this happens to innocent people! And to have no support either is disgusting!! So sorry this happened to you,” one person wrote.

Somebody else said: “Justice by geography happens way too often. Triage isn’t something that happens in other locations. It’s so sickening to hear that they attacked you because of your sexuality, hate crime is serious and should be treated as such!”

“This is horrible to read Jack, and disgusting that in this day and age of apparent ‘acceptance’ that mindless, disgusting behaviour like this still goes on.

“No one has the right to behave in this way or even call people derogatory names. People should be allowed to be whoever the f*ck they want to be and not be afraid of who they are or how others might react,” a third added.

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