Forced to be gay: mother who longed for gay child forced son into homosexuality

Meka Beresford August 1, 2017
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An anonymous man has opened up about how he was forced into being gay by his mother online.

Commenting on a Reddit thread titled “What’s something you’ll admit on here but not real life?”, the user Nicaraguaa told others about how his sexuality was forced onto him.

He explained that his mother is a “hardcore progressive liberal” who “desperately wanted a gay son”.

The user wrote that his mother had seen “things that just weren’t there” and eventually she convinced both herself and him that he was gay.

“I am not actually gay,” he wrote. “Only pretending to please my mom.”

The user explained that his mother made him believe that he was gay, however, he soon came to realise that this was not true.

“Eventually she made me believe I was gay.

“At one point I knew I wasn’t but felt like I had to keep it going,” he said.

He was even in a relationship with another man, who was a gay son of a family friend, for six years.

“She had a friend with a gay son of my age. Before I knew it was established he was my boyfriend. We were together for 6 years.”

The user explained that he was sexually intimate with the partner, but he always felt indifferent to it.

He wrote: “Anything sexual or intimate just felt like a chore. Indifferent.

“There was some parts of it that I enjoyed that made it easier, like my mom and his parents took us on trips and travelled a lot.

“Really she just wanted to showcase her progressiveness, but that sudden change I liked.

“And also finally i had a good friend. I had other friends but he seemed to give me more attention.

“These silver linings made me think this was a positive situation,” he added.

His sexuality was known to everybody, and he also saw a couple of other men during his six-year relationship.

He explained that he was “very resentful” towards his mother, but she still does not know that he isn’t actually gay.

He explained: “Finally I moved away and am dating girls but find it hard to tell her.

“I will soon [tel her]. But I know what she’s like and know she will be very disappointed,” he added.

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