This trans non-binary artist is making art with their menstrual blood

Meka Beresford July 24, 2017
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A transgender artist is making a bold statement using their menstrual blood to make art.

Cass Clemmer is trying to beat the taboo of periods, especially for trans men and non-binary people who still have to deal with them.

Cass Clemer makes art using tampons
(Photo by tonithetampon/Instagram)

On their Instagram account, Toni the Tampon, Clemmer often posts staged shots of tampons.

However, they have now shared a bolder image to remind people that periods aren’t something that only cis-women deal with.

In the poem, Clemmer, who prefers gender neutral pronouns, writes that when they menstruate it causes severe gender dysphoria.

They wrote: “Y’all know I’m trans and queer, and what that means for me all around, is something that’s neither there nor here, it’s a happy, scary middle ground.

“So when I talk gender inclusion, and I wrote these rhymes to help you see, I’m not tryna bring up something shallow, periods are honestly pretty traumatic for me.

“See my life is very clearly marked, like a red border cut up a nation, a time before and a time beyond, the mark of my first menstruation.”

Speaking to Metro, Clemmer further explained that for them, getting a period is a “monthly battle”.

They said: “Getting your period while not identifying as a woman can feel like a monthly battle both with your own body and with a world that continuously tells you that your identity isn’t real.”

Cass Clemer makes art using tampons
(Photo by tonithetampon/Instagram)

Clemmer, who works uses their Instagram account as a form of trans activism, added that they were inspired to share the image and poem to draw attention to the very real issues periods cause for trans and non-binary folk.

They said: “I also specifically wanted to share the #bleedingwhiletrans photo to help people start thinking about the very real access and safety issues we face when we menstruate, including bathroom use, access to period products, fear of being outed due to leaks, and the lack of disposable bins in men’s restrooms for our used products.

Cass Clemmer makes art using tampons
(Photo by tonithetampon/Instagram)

“I hope Toni the Tampon will serve as a fun and humorous jumping off point to help us talk about periods free of stigma and taboo, while also recognising the diversity within the community of those who menstruate.

“I dream of a day when we are able to talk about our periods without being worried about who is overhearing us or feel like we’re discussing something dirty,” they added.

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