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George Michael’s boyfriend Fadi Fawaz pens heart wrenching poem about his ‘hell’

July 17, 2017

Fadi Fawaz and George Michael.

Fadi Fawaz has opened up about his “hell” since losing George Michael.

The photographer dated the Wham! star until his death on Christmas Day 2016.

Now Fawaz has penned an emotional poem telling of his struggle since the death.

The late star’s partner reveals he feels regret about being unable to save Michael.

Fadi writes: “One heart decides to fail, I find myself in hell, Now I feel ashamed, One Christmas Day.”

He goes on to admit he “hates that day”.

The final verse reads: “I go to bed to lay, I feel more ashamed, I try to hide my head, Pillows turn to red, I lost my way, One Christmas Day.”

Fawaz says he has struggled to afford food and water since the sudden death.

In a long series of Twitter posts, Fawaz mysteriously told followers the “truth is yet to be revealed” about Michael’s death.

He revealed: “The truth is yet to be told, not long now. I mean the whole truth, of course.

“Just the way it happened. One day I will be told the truth.”

During the 11 Tweet rant, he continued: “Looked after him in the most loving and respecting way every day of the last six years and on 26 December.

“Everything stopped and six months later the icon partner still struggles to buy milk and water six months later. That’s is the truth (sic).”

Fawaz found his beloved boyfriend of seven years dead on Christmas Day 2016.

The 44-year-old has been embroiled in arguments ever since the singer’s death, but staunchly denies selling stories on his late boyfriend.

Family members previously claimed he is out to get his hands on the Freedom star’s death.

In the Twitter rant, he explained: “The icon partner as well as grieving and being accused of the death of his partner had worry about his next meal.

“About to drive and I have so little petrol and let you know if I get to my destination or not.

“That is the truth today. The icon partner refused to sell stories worth millions when he was hungry.

“I loved my partner very much and for six years I looked after him to the point where I lost my friends my life and some of my family.

“That’s the truth my friend. And the truth is I couldn’t afford to buy him a flower to put next to his grave or light him a candle on his birthday.

“Lunchtime I didn’t sell a story I searched my car for a pound here and a pound there so I could buy my double cheese burger.”

Days earlier he had simply tweeted “George I am starving,” followed by, “George I am really hungry.”

Fadi’s poem

One Christmas Day

Clouds are grey

Wind tears the air

One heart decides to fail

I find myself in hell

Now I feel ashamed

One Christmas Day

I wait a day

Christmas light is there

Trees have gone away

Bedroom door yet to change

Now I’m losing myself

One Christmas Day

I hate that day

Music is played

Nothing is heard

Santa lost the way

Fireplace is grey

No one is there

People everywhere

One Christmas Day

I got to bed to lay

I feel more ashamed

I try to hide my head

Pillow turns to red

I lost my way

One Christmas Day

I miss that day

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