Tens of thousands of people turned out for Pride in Seoul, South Korea yesterday (July 15).

An estimated 85,000 people joined in the celebrations which took place in the capital city, making it the biggest Pride parade to be held in the city yet.

Despite the rain, people from the LGBT community joined in the parade.

The event has steadily grown in popularity since it was first held in 2000.

It’s believed that there were 50,000 attendees last year.

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Ralliers were met with protests staged by a few thousand conservative Christians.

As well as singing hymns at the Pride marchers, the protesters also held group prayers.

Pastor Hong Ho-soo, the secretary general of the Homosexuality Countermeasure Council for Korean Churches said: “We do not want them to showcase homosexuality in public, which can corrupt the minds of our children.”

He added that he felt it was fine for LGBT people to “celebrate whatever you are at home” but just “not in front of others”.

6,000 police officers were at the Parade to protect the marchers.

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