The Portuguese translation of RuPaul’s phrase ‘sashay away’ is a hilarious hot mess

Meka Beresford July 16, 2017
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If RuPaul’s Drag Race was to have one defining factor that isn’t the incredible looks created by the girls, it would definitely be RuPaul’s phrases.

Everybody knows them: sashay away, shantay you stay, if you can’t love yourself how the hell you gonna love somebody else.

The Portuguese translation of RuPaul’s phrase ‘sashay away’ is a hilarious hot mess

The list is truly endless and honestly, it kind of makes Drag Race what it is, the perfect show.

So perfect in fact that Netflix has decided to roll it out in other countries, meaning that some translators have been put to task to translating some of the phrases which we will be honest, don’t have a true meaning.

In Portugal, the translators clearly had an extra tough time as one Twitter user, @phi_lipi pointed out.

The user shared a screen shot from the moment in the show where RuPaul says “sashay away” which is translated to “bye, go home, no one loves you”.


The term literally just means “leave” but as per drag culture that’s not enough, hence the dressed up “sashay away”.

The translator undoubtedly put a lot of effort into making a memorable phrase stick, and we’d say they did a pretty great job.

Besides, Netflix France also had trouble with subtitles for the show.

“Sashay away” got translated to “défile jusqu’à la sortie” which literally means “Parade to the exit.”

The Portuguese translation of RuPaul’s phrase ‘sashay away’ is a hilarious hot mess

Bob the Drag Queen recently slammed critics who claimed that RuPaul copied the show Lip Sync Battle.

Talking to TMZ, Bob the Drag Queen said that in reality the rumours should be reversed.

She said: “Lip Sync Battle is a direct pull from Drag Race and drag culture in general. You go look at their performances and they’re basically doing Drag Race on Lip Sync Battle but instead of using drag queens and trans women they’re using Michael Cera and Channing Tatum.”

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