This guy pranked a homophobic troll into thinking there was a zombie invasion

Meka Beresford July 15, 2017
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A YouTube prankster has taken aim at a homophobic troll and pranked him into thinking a zombie apocalypse had started.

Ben Phillips, who rose to fame after he shared videos of himself pranking his brother Elliot, decided to take aim at a troll.

The troll allegedly tweeted at Phillips using derogatroy terms against disabled people and LGBT people.

The troll wrote: “Ben Phillips you and your retarded brother needs to get a life, you bunch of faggots!!”

Phillips explained his reasoning for staging the prank which he set up with help from the girlfriend of the homophobe.

“I do not agree with negative terms against somebody’s sexuality, it’s disgusting. and one thing I definitely don’t agree with is derogatory terms against someone’s disability.”

The video sees the homophobe go through a staged check point to get to his home.

Once inside, secret cameras capture him freaking out at the new knowledge that zombies are in the area.

All hell breaks lose as the zombies attack the police and military forces surrounding the homophobe’s house, and eventually they break into his home.

He and his girlfriend, who is playing along with the act, escape from their home and begin to run away up their road but they’re promptly stopped when a van driven by Phillips pulls in front of them.

On the side, a blown up image of the homophobic tweet is displayed along with the caption “Sorry Bro”.

Phillips then gets out of the van and schools him on why it’s wrong to use homophobic and derogatory terms.

“You should never disrespect someone’s illness, you hsould never disrespect someone’s illness, and you should never disrespect me,” he said.

The video was welcomed by fans of the YouTuber.

“Fair play too ya lad for doing that especially after his comments. He got what he deserved,” one person wrote.

Another added: “That keyboard warrior thought he was safe!”

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