Facebook has returned the rainbow reaction for LGBT pride

July 6, 2017
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Facebook has reinstated the pride reaction button.

There had been uproar after the social media giant removed the rainbow flag reaction for users around the world.

Facebook had introduced the additional flag reaction for LGBT Pride Month of June.

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However at the end of the month the option disapeared for all users.

While June is well known as Pride Month in the US, it isn’t the same all around the world.

Pride in London takes place this weekend, in July, and other celebrations in the UK such as UK Pride, Brighton Pride and Manchester Pride are through July and August.

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Now UK users have reported being able to use the reaction as of Thursday morning.

PinkNews has contacted Facebook for comment to find out how long the reaction will be back, and which countries it’s available in, but is yet to receive a reply.

During June it became clear that the site was hiding its LGBT Pride Month reactions from users in countries with anti-gay laws.

Users in Egypt, Palestine, Bahrain, Lebanon, Singapore, Russia, among other countries, are unable to access to LGBT flag.

Facebook has not explained its reasoning for withholding the reaction in the countries.

Facebook had choice wording when it launched the reaction, stating: “People in major markets with Pride celebrations will be able to use a temporary rainbow reaction during Pride month.

“You can also like this page to access the reaction, however, because this is a new experience we’ve been testing, the rainbow reaction will not be available everywhere.”

Facebook users have condemned the decision.

How do you get a rainbow flag put right in between your Love and Haha buttons?

Just go to Facebook’s official LGBT page, like it, and before too long it should be there in your reactions.

If it doesn’t appear immediately, just refresh the page or restart your app.

When it appears, you could become one of the thousands of people who have gone to the Democratic Union Party’s Facebook page and made their feelings clear about the Northern Irish party’s anti-LGBT positions.

There has also been controversy over the availability of the rainbow reactions

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