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Lord Tebbit: It’s perfectly sensible to think gay acts are sinful

Nick Duffy July 3, 2017
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Former Conservative Party chair Norman Tebbit is upset about gay people again.

Lord Tebbit, a former Thatcher minister and Chairman of the Conservative Party, is a long-running opponent of LGBT rights.

In an interview with The Conversation, the Tory peer insisted it was “perfectly sensible” to think gay acts are sinful.

He said: “[I think that] to be a homosexual cannot be a sin because that is what God has created, but it is perfectly sensible to argue that a homosexual act is a sin because that is what the Bible has said from the time of the Old Testament through the New Testament.

“So therefore, as a Christian, should you dump all that and still call yourself a Christian? It’s a bit doubtful.”

Lord Tebbit: It’s perfectly sensible to think gay acts are sinful

He added: “I opposed gay marriage because it is fundamentally not what marriage was set out to be.

“I don’t like this way of proceeding by simply changing the meaning of a word. We’re doing too much of that.”

Lord Tebbit recently claimed materials created for LGBT-inclusive sex and relationship education will “damage” and confuse children.

The peer claimed: “I think it is damaging to children to introduce uncertainty into their minds.”

He said that the former PM had “f**ked things up” by introducing same-sex marriage, as it would lead to incestuous or polygamous marriage.

The peer claimed: “We’ve got to make these same-sex marriages available to all. It would lift my worries about inheritance tax because maybe I’d be allowed to marry my son. Why not?

“Why shouldn’t a mother marry her daughter? Why shouldn’t two elderly sisters living together marry each other? I quite fancy my brother!”

The peer has also argued against LGBT equality because he was worried about a gay royal becoming Queen or King.

During the equal marriage debate he warned: “There is, I believe, no bar to a lesbian succeeding to the throne. It may happen. It probably will, at some stage. What, then, if she marries and her partner bears a child by an anonymous sperm donor? Is that child the heir to the throne?

“If the Queen herself subsequently bore a child by an anonymous donor, which child then, if either, would inherit the throne?

“The possibilities must have been discussed.”

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