Bill Nye the Science guy explained the gender spectrum and it’s perfectly simple

Meka Beresford July 3, 2017
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The famous scientist Bill Nye has explained gender and sex in a perfectly simple way.

The infamous science guy gave the straightforward explanation about human emotion and hormones and the concept of gender on his new Netflix series, Bill Nye Saves the World.

Bill Nye the Science guy explained the gender spectrum and it’s perfectly simple

Nye said: “Female or male. Gay or straight. Pink or blue. We were taught to see these as binary. Now, we’re realising it’s more like a kaleidoscope.”

He uses the example of sex and how it used to be taken at face value, but now science is coming to understand it as a more complex thing.

“Take sex. We used to think to was pretty straight forward. X and a Y chromosome for males, two Xs for females.

“But we see more combinations than that in real life. And even for people with just two sex chromosomes, hormones can vary wildly. So can anatomy,” he explained.

Nye goes on to explain how gender is something that most people come to understand by the time they are young children, but how it isn’t always as straightforward as your gender matching up with the sex assigned at birth.

“When you throw in gender, it gets even more colourful. By three or four, most kids identify with a gender. It doesn’t always match the sex they were assigned at birth.

“A person’s gender identity may change over their lifetime.”

He concludes that sex and gender are much more complex than the binary, and so it is important to listen to the “science” which says there is a spectrum.

“Sure, this might make things confusing for those who insist everyone pick an M or an F. But, people, we have to listen to the science. And the science says we’re all on a spectrum,” he said.

The American Scientist has become somewhat of an ally to the LGBT community.

He has given scientific explanations on why homosexuality is perfectly natural, and mocked gay cure therapy.

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