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Homophobic Christians are demanding a cross reaction from Facebook

Meka Beresford June 29, 2017
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Homophobic Christians are demanding that Facebook creates a cross reaction after it created the Pride flag reaction.

The demands are being led by evangelist Joshua Feuerstein, a former television and radio host.

Anti-LGBT Christian Joshua Feuerstein demands a cross reaction emoji be added on Facebook
Anti-LGBT Christian Joshua Feuerstein demands a cross reaction emoji be added on Facebook (Photo by Joshua Feuerstein/Facebook)

Feuerstein, who is now a pastor in the US, has become known for his homophobic views which he shares online to over two million followers.

The evangelist shared the image on Facebook which says that Christians are “waiting” for a religious emoji to react.

Despite a large number of Feuerstein’s following supporting his homophobic views, a vast majority clapped back at him by calling the idea ridiculous.

One person wrote that if the cross emoji was introduced then other religions would have to be awarded the same opportunity.

They explained: “Fine, but in response give me a Star of David react, or a Crescent Moon and Star for Islam, or a Pentacle. The Dao Yin Yang symbol? Or the Hindu Aum? To give just the Crucifix would alienate all other religions and peoples.”

They added that the Pride reaction was intended to “show support to a people who have had their liberties infringed on”.

“It is for men and women who have been ostracised from society. People who have been bullied and belittled and shamed their whole lives, some to the point of suicide, for the mere fact that they love someone of the same sex/gender,” they added.

Another person added: “There is one for pride because the LGBT community is actually facing persecution. Once people in this country stop trying to use their religious or personal beliefs to strip us of our rights, we will no longer need that react.”

pride month facebook
Facebook is celebrating Pride month with a rainbow flag reaction (Photo from Facebook)

A number of people called the pastor a “hypocrite” for not accepting LGBT people.

The evangelist has previously said that same-sex marriage equality should be fought with guns.

More recently, he boycotted Starbucks for making their Christmas cup white.

McDonald’s was also fortunate to lose the homophobes business after they introduced rainbow boxes for fries in Washington DC during the Pride celebrations.

Feuerstein wrote online that the fast food giant had obviously gone gay from releasing the boxes.

“DISGUSTING! McDonald’s released their RAINBOW FRIES today in honour of GAY PRIDE!

“I’m tired of corporations trying to influence our families like this.

“Let people know to STOP EATING at McDonald’s! Plus, their food is crap. Really,” he wrote.

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