These twins realised they were both gay after they hooked up with the same guy

Meka Beresford June 26, 2017
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Two twins have revealed how they accidentally came out to each other after they accidentally hooked up with the same guy.

Mike and Zach Zakar are Instagram models and YouTubers who make content about all things gay.

The Zakar twins Mike and Zach did not know that they were both gay
The twins Mike (L) and Zach (R) are Gay, Iraqi Instagram models (Photo by zakartwins/Instagram)

In one of their most recent videos, they told their brilliant coming out story on YouTube.

In high school, neither of them realised that the other was gay. They were not particularly close as Mike drifted to the art clique while Zach was in with the sports jocks.

Zach explained: “Me and Michael did not know each other was gay – we were handling our own problems. Michael was the straight twin in my mind.”

“And I thought Zach was the straight twin,” Michael added.

The revelation came about when Zach was sick with a stomach bug and took a week off school.

Michael went to school as usual but his day became more interesting when a boy approached him and asked him if he wanted to make out in the bathroom.

The boy, who the twins described as an ’emo Pete Wentz’, made plans to meet with Michael in a bathroom during a class.

Michael explained: “I was so nervous, I was thinking everyone must know I’m about to get a blowjob”.

He explained that he “assumed” he was gay “but I didn’t think too hard on it because I didn’t want to be”.

When the pair met in the bathroom they began making out in one of the stools. However, they were interrupted when two of the jocks from Zach’s rugby team walked in.

Michael explained that he sped out of there as quickly as possible.

The next day he returned to school, while Zach was still home sick, and he expected to be taunted. Instead, Michael was shocked when friends of Zach began to ask him if his brother was gay.

Michael was horrified that he had been mistaken for his brother and when he returned home from school that day he made Zach a sandwich and sat down to tell him the “bad” news.

After explaining the mishap, Zach became confused because he did not think anybody had seen his makeup sessions with the boy.

Confused? Us too.

Turns out that Zach had hooked up with the same boy three days earlier, which he told Michael.

At this point, the pair both realised and confided in each other that they were both gay.

“We ended up coming out to each other because we fooled around with the same guy,” Zach explained.

And the moral of the story?

“Never do things in a bathroom stall it’s gross and not classy. Especially at school,” the pair said

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