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Gay man bravely stands up to vile homophobe who threatens to ‘murder’ people on bus

Josh Jackman June 26, 2017
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Footage has emerged of a gay man bravely standing up to a raging homophobe on a bus as the man shouted appalling slurs and threats.

Daniel Simmonds, who lives in London, was travelling on the bus when he saw a man start to yell homophobic obscenities, threatening to “murder” anyone who objected.

Daniel filmed the man as he shouted: “No, it’s not alright to be gay. There’ll be none of us! But they ain’t worked that out, the white man.”

bus homophobe

No-one responded, but he continued to rant, yelling at a fellow passenger: “Even when I’m talking now the white man get offended.

“You say anything, I’ll murder you, I’ll stab you up in your face bruv. I’ve got a new knife, I wanna…I might do that now but there’s cameras.”

The man can be heard calling someone else “batty bruv,” before telling the passengers: “Every day I read the Bible, the Torah, the Quran.

“It says when you tell the truth, the pagans don’t like that. They like lies.

“That’s why they go home to watch batty man programmes. EastEnders, Coronation Street – all them queers in it. That’s what they teach the kids.”

The other passengers look increasingly uncomfortable with every hateful sentence which spews from the man, who adds: “The white people are deluded.

“They think they’re God. Even when I’m talking now, it’s burning them.”

Eventually, from behind his camera, Daniel can’t stay silent any longer.

Daniel Simmonds

He says: “Excuse me. Excuse me. I’m gay and I’m white, and I don’t think I’m God.

“Are you threatening to stab me?”

The homophobe, predictably, responds aggressively.

“You are gay? Do you know me? Don’t talk to me, don’t talk to me!” he shouts in Daniel’s face.

“You’ve just been talking to everyone on the bus,” Daniel points out, somehow keeping calm. “I’m gay and I’m white – ”

The man interrupts, saying: “Leave me alone, ‘cause I can see what you’re up to…you’re gay and you’re clever.

“Leave me alone. You heard that, gay clever man. Don’t talk to me.”

Cool as a cucumber, Daniel responds: “I think you should chill out.”

The bus driver and other passengers then join Daniel’s cause, shouting at the homophobe to get off the bus.

The move proves successful. “Thank you, driver,” Daniel and the other passengers say after the homophobe leaves, tail between his legs.

People can be heard clapping, before the driver tells everyone, in a classically British way: “Sorry you had put up with all of that.”

Daniel posted the video to Facebook, writing: Hatred has many faces, whatever your colour, creed, sexuality or anything else.

“This was my bus home tonight… Thanks to the amazing TFL driver – you didn’t mess around!”

The post drew high praise from Daniel’s friends and family.

One person, whose post was representative of a lot of commenters, wrote: “Part of me wants to say don’t ever do that to me again, but a bigger part is proud beyond words.”

Watch the full video here:

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