This is what types of adult gay films Americans watch (and everything else you wanted to know)

June 22, 2017
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Two men kiss at Madrid Pride

Two men kiss at Madrid Pride (Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo/Getty Images)

PornHub has released statistics about gay porn consumption – and they’re pretty surprising.

The adult entertainment website features nearly 40 different categories of gay male porn, but it’s fair to say some are much more popular than others.

To mark LGBT pride month, PornHub revealed the truth about who is watching what.

And it turns out it isn’t just gay men watching guys get it on online.

Women account for a massive 37% of all Pornhub visitors viewing gay male porn.

They’re also 186% more likely to search for lesbian porn compared to their male counterparts, which makes more sense.

Lesbian action remains very popular among straight guys, however, making it hard to quantify the stats on women’s action.

Gay visitors account for about 6% of all traffic to PornHub, which is equiavlent to how many gay and bi people it is believed there are.

Gay users, though, spend about 20% longer than the heterosexual counterparts surfing the adult films.

Where in America watches the most gay porn?

There are some big differences in same-sex sex consumption across the US.

This could be coincidence, or it could be because some states have greater LGBT populations.

Topping the list of gay viewing states is Mississippi, were 7.9% of all pageviews are for gay content.

It’s followed by the District of Columbia (7.8%), Louisiana (7.4%), Georgia (7.3%) and New York (7.2%).

The state with the least number of gay pageviews is North Dakota at 4.2%, followed by Montana, Idaho and South Dakota all with less than 4.5%.

Gay porn consumption USA

What types of gay adult films are most popular?

Users are most keen on seeing black and straight guys getting it on, according to the research.

But this varies a great deal from state-to-state, with bareback being more popular in northern states, and black the most watched in southern states.

Latino is the most popular action in Southwest, along with California and Nevada.

Connecticut, Massachusetts and Delaware are the most likely to watch daddy action.

Gay porn consumption USA

Which are the most used search terms?

Search terms can reveal a lot about each state’s viewing habits.

The website ranked the search terms relative to the USA as a whole – what’s most popular in individual states compared to the average.

Cowboy is 70% more popular in Montana, and ‘furry’ which is 569% more popular in South Dakota.

Users in Wisconsin are 762% more likely to search for ‘circle jerk’ gay porn, and West Virginians are 152% more into ‘redneck’ porn.

Iowa is 241% more into ‘tickle’ searches, and Utah is 845% more likely to search for ‘Mormon’.

New Hampshire keeps things simple by simply searching ‘gay’ 418% more than elsewhere in the Unites States.

This is what types of adult gay films Americans watch (and everything else you wanted to know)

Which age group watches the most gay porn?

The older people get, the more gay porn they seem to watch.

6.2% of people in the 18 to 24 age group say they watch gay action – the lowest of any age group.

That figure increases to more than 10% in the 65+ bracket.

Among all gay viewers, around 28% are 18-24, while this group represents 31% of those viewing non-gay content.

Viewers over the age of 45 represent more than 30% of all gay viewers, while that group is only 21% of non-gay viewers.

This is what types of adult gay films Americans watch (and everything else you wanted to know)

This is what types of adult gay films Americans watch (and everything else you wanted to know)

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