Non-binary person hits out at a men’s rights activist over male privilege

Meka Beresford June 21, 2017
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A non-binary person has slammed a men’s rights activist over male privilege.

Nevo Zisin is a non-binary person who appeared on Hack Live, an Australian TV show which hosts debates between conflicting sides.

They went head to head with a men’s rights activist who suggested that male privilege did not exist.

Zisin explained that they had been treated differently by people who perceived their gender as either male or female.

They explained that when people perceived them as male, they felt a noticeable change in the way they were treated.

“I’ve literally lived my life presenting in society as a woman and a man,” they said.

“I can tell you tangible evidence of male privilege that is unarguable.”

Zisin explained that when they were thought to be male, they received more respect.

“I don’t get spoken over as much anymore, I don’t get interrupted as much.

“I’m really funny now—like, people laugh at my jokes now. They’re the same jokes,” they added.

Zisin went on to slam the men’s rights activist who they went head to head with.

They questioned what the activist’s role was in legitimately helping men.

“What are you doing to help men? That’s what I want to know.

“If you’re just sitting here, talking about statistics and arguing who’s more attacked and who deserves it more, well, while you’re doing that people are being killed.”

The show finished with Zisin questioning the integrity of it – they did not believe that the discussion’s held on Hack Live were beneficial because it was often too “heteronormative” in nature.

They said: “This show has been so bloody heterosexual” adding that it ignores trans identities.

“I think that conversations like this are derailing,” they said.

“I think the fact that we’re debating if male privilege exists is derailing and stupid.”

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