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‘Shut up amazing human’: new app takes homophobic abuse and turns it into rainbow-coloured positivity

Josh Jackman June 16, 2017
anti-abuse app

Twitter may have failed to protect its users from discrimination, but a new app is ready to shield you from homophobic slurs.

#LoveWins, a free add-on for your Google Chrome browser, will delete words like ‘faggot,’ ‘trannies’ and ‘poofs’, and replace them with positive, rainbow-coloured words.

For instance, ‘faggot’ becomes ‘amazing human’, ‘dyke’ is turned into ‘blessing’, ‘so gay’ is transformed into ‘so fab’ and ‘trannies’ magically changes into ‘fabulous humans’.

anti-abuse app

And all the words and phrases – of which there are hundreds – are rendered in beautiful technicolour, in honour of Pride Month.

The extension, created by Connector, was built “to make the internet a more loving, tolerant place,” according to the company.

GLSEN, an organisation which tries to create LGBT inclusion in schools across the US, has found that 42 percent of LGBT youth have experienced cyber bullying.

The group also discovered that 58 percent of these young LGBT people had seen something bad said to or about them online just because of their sexuality.

And more than 35 percent had received threats online.

Ivan Adriel, head of digital at the said: “Connector is a proud supporter of the LGBT community.

“This Pride, we wanted to do something that would help make the internet a better place for us all.

“So we created the tool that we wanted to exist when we were teenagers and searching for our identity online.”

Homophobic abuse on Twitter led Rylan Clark-Neal to quit the social media platform earlier this year.

Speaking on Loose Women, the former X-Factor contestant turned TV host explained that he was bombarded with homophobia from fans of the TV show The Chase.

Rylan described the messages he received as “out of control”.

“I was getting tweets saying I was taking over The Chase,” he explained.

“It was getting out of control. I felt like I’d gone back five years to when I was on X Factor, being unfairly judged.

“I don’t need the homophobia,” he added.

A Twitter user was also suspended after writing homophobic posts in the aftermath of the terror attack after an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester last month.

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