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General Election 2017

Q&A: Prime Minister Theresa May answers all your LGBT questions ahead of the General Election

  • Vanilla

    What the hell is going on the uk? No wonder we are no longer a superpower and just another stupid liberal European left wing country.

    In an age of global terrorism, of which, most is now European ( uk ) based, NHS economics and immigration; law and order… the hell did the uk election centre around gay sex being a sin and Q & A. This stuff did not dominate the usa election, so why ours?

    This is the only thing Terry should be talking off:
    Threats to national security
    Home grown extreamsism
    Law and order
    The education system ( poor quality of schools, elistism and student debt; English kids are some of the dumbest in the world with the highest level of violence, teen pregnancy and drug and drink abuse )
    Determining if we are a Christian nation or not.

    Anything else does not warrant Teresa may’s attention.

    • Star Gayzer

      This website for morons thinks questions about whether gay sex is sinful are important because its founder is a religious nut.

      This interview is a betrayal of the LGB community.

      • Josh

        You are a betrayal of thinking people.

    • pollik

      You really don’t know what you are talking about, really, do you.

      Firstly, liberal is not left wing – it is centrist.

      Second, UK is neither centrist nor left wing – currently it is rabidly right wing.

      Thirdly, left wing countries seem to generally have a higher degree of contentment when compared with right wing countries in Europe. Who wants to spend their lives indignantly frothing at the mouth like you.

      Fourthly, although unfortunately the UK has an established christian church, most of its citizens are not christian. “No religion” tops the polls. And of those that are crhistians, very few of them aspire to the teachings of christ who was also a socialist at heart. If he were alive today, he would be savaged by the right wing media as a lefty.

      And it is odd that the first two people to post on this LGBTQI site are you, a homophobic nominal christian (it seems to me) and Stargayzer, a sourfaced person who despises this site. What the hell are you both doing here? Looking for your daily fixes of trolling?

    • John Revenant

      Christian nation? No. All religion believers need locked up, not pandered to.

  • Vanilla

    In December we announced that NHS England will fund a large-scale clinical trial of PrEP, and we’ve allocated up to £10 million over the next three years for that. This should answer some of the outstanding implementation questions, paving the way for a full roll-o

    Transgender action plan? The percentages of transegender is less than one percent. They have more black people and Asian than LGBT the Indian community is 7 percent; the blacks are 3 percent, Indians are 7 percent and Pakistan/ Bengali are 6pervent. How comes there is no attention being paid to them?

    £ 10 of NHS money on gay men’s promiscuous behaviour? Times like this, I wish we paid for helathcare. We don’t have £ 10 to spend on one gender, group. Than £10 million could be used on the mental illness care in the community.

    Lgbt inclusive schools? Our kids cannot ven compete with kids Vietnam. Our kids are some of the most violent, unlike Scandinavian kids, our kids are not mult lingual, creative, innovative or tech driven. We should focus on that rather trying force the gay agenda into schools.

    How the hell can this woman claim to be Christian where she is doing nothing for Christian kids and everything for gays.

    Now she wants to add passport with gender, that will violate security as Abdul can claim x and start using his sisters passport.

    What the hell is going on in this country?

    • pollik

      What the hell is going on in this country?

      People like you, unfortunately. On and on and on and on…you are just trolling, really.

    • Liminal

      >We don’t have £ 10 to spend on one gender, group.

      Yeah and women up and down the country haven’t been enjoying the benefit of the pill for decades.

      Abortions costing a million a week apparently

      The NHS spends Millions on alcholic effects, the majority of which goes to straight people.

      And you care complaining the NHS is spending 10million on a group which has already been costed to point out it’s cheaper then treatment of the virus, but hey why end HIV and save the NHS money in the long run.

      You are not on this planet, let alone this country.

    • John Revenant

      Christian kids??? Kids get told that sky fairies are real.

      Adults like you shouldn’t choose childrens’ religions for them. That’s brainwashing. Ban religion and lock up the believers now.

  • Vanilla

    Black make up 3 percent and rising. How comes she is ignoring the black vote ? What is her action of black Britain in regards to discrimation, judicial injustice, racism, poverty – I heard black kids are some of the poor children in the western world. There is also a huge problem with black on black violence being played on uk streets.

    What is her action plan for that?

    Christians are being marginliased in their own country, Islam has Moreno power than them. What is her action plan for that?

    • pollik

      In their own country? Israel? (That is where christianity started).

      Islam has more power than christians in the UK? Are you for real. Bishops get free seats in the house of Lords.

    • John Revenant

      Christians need locked away in mental homes – marginalisation is too good for them. No sane adult believes that supernatural forces are real. The fact that our unelected PM does is disgusting.

      • Josh

        So you’re not a democrat then, who thinks we should have freedom of thought? You’ve more in common with the pope than you realise.

  • Star Gayzer

    A truly tragic and pathetic interview which shows that Pink News is not a serious website when it comes to news.

    Did the useless Pink News allow homophobic Theresa May select her own questions.

    Pink News is officially a homophobic website.

    • Josh

      Star gayzer. You’re giving my @rse a headache.

  • Star Gayzer

    I am almost 100% certain that homophobic Theresa May was not interviewed by this tragic website.

    I reckon her secretary emailed the Tory Boy owner of this site with answers to the questions she felt like answering.

    As this is a Tory website which doesn’t care about the LGB community it felt under no obligation to ask her a single difficult question.

    This fake interview is shameful and tragic.

    • docMfan

      Wow. How cynical can you get?

  • pollik

    Looks like the mob have moved in BTL, here.

  • Eduardo Leão

    Did she really answer that? Or someone else typed for her?

    • RΞdVen

      All politicians run questions like these through a team of people before answering. That’s why when they are live on TV, they rarely actually answer a single thing.

  • docMfan

    So, leaving aside the trolls, half of the commenters here don’t believe Theresa May really answered the questions; the other half think PN was too easy on her.

    Will we get the same nonsense when the Q&As with other party leaders are published, or are PN readers just so deeply prejudiced against Tories that they can’t, even for a moment, be happy to have a Prime Minister who says she supports LGBT rights.

    Actions speak louder than words – time will tell – but even as little as 15 years ago you’d never have had a Tory leader saying things like this. Be pleased with the progress, people!

  • Cal

    What? NOBODY asked her about her appalling voting record on GLBT rights??

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